Gift Aid

Gift Aid - How you can help.
If you are a taxpayer then please help us with our Parish Gift Aid scheme.

Gift Aid increases the value of donations to worthy causes by allowing the charities such as us to reclaim basic rate tax on your gift. Simply fill in the form available at the back of the church, from parish office, or you may download the forms from the link below. Return the forms to the parish office and you will be given a box of envelopes with your own personal number on in which to place your offering every week. You then hand the offering to the collector in the normal way at Sunday Mass. If you prefer you can make it a standing order from the bank (form available from the Church). At the end of the financial year, you will be given a letter prepared by our Diocese which shows the amount you have donated and the amount of tax relief the government has given to St Bede's based on your donation. If you pay a higher rate of tax on your income, you can then use this letter to claim more tax relief yourself from the government.

It is not only your weekend offerings which can be gift aided, any Mass Intentions you give can be gift aided as well.

It is very important to stress that this costs you nothing! The government gives the Church money based on 25% of what you have donated. If you donate £10, then the government donates a further £2.50 from the Treasury. You pay nothing extra, but the Church gets more money. What a winner that is! Please note that you have to be a taxpayer to participate in this.  If you would like to know more about it, please visit the Inland Revenue site:

Thank you to all who already participate in the Gift Aid Scheme

We are a charity registered with the UK government Charities Commission, Charity Number 1173050 and our Gift Aid Co-ordinator is Mrs. Marie Chan Chang.

You can also give by 'Standing Order' through your bank.  If you would like to donate in this way, please pick up a form from the display in the church porch or speak to one of the priests or our coordinator.  Both forms will need to be completed, the 'Form for direct banking donations' should be sent to your bank and the 'Form to register for Gift Aid' (above) needs to be sent to us.

May Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Most Holy Mother Mary bless you very greatly for your support and devotion.