About the Parish

Welcome to St Bede’s Parish.

Our Church was built in 1906 and is now home to a multi-lingual community of about 50 national origins.  We are unique in that we have three distinct liturgical communities:  English language, Latin traditional Roman Rite and Latin American in Spanish.  From our worship flows our educational and medical ministry (Nuns).  Our social occasions also follow from this powerful prayer.  We welcome you to come and share in our family at the parish of St Bede’s, named for an ancient English Saint (673-735) who was a Monk and Scholar.  

The Presbytery (number 58), is a magnificent Victorian "Cubitt" villa.  In 1903 Frances Ellis donated Hyde House, as it was then called, to the Diocese.  The first Mass was offered by Bishop Bourne in 8th September 1903 in a room on the ground floor.  This was his last official act as Bishop of Southwark, for three days later he became Archbishop of Westminster and later Cardinal.  He never stopped coming back to St Bede's as Fr Hooley was his Confessor and friend.  

One hundred later on 8th September 2003, we celebrated our "first" centenary.  Bishop Charles Henderson presided at the Mass, Mgr Richard Moth (former Curate 1982-85), preached and Joanna Bogle signed copies of the history of St Bede's entitled "One Corner of London".  From 1903 to 1905 Hyde House was a small school for boys who wished to prepare for later entry into Wonersh.  During this time in 1904, Fr Peter Amigo was appointed Bishop of the Diocese and he made his retreat, prior to consecration at Hyde House.  Fr Michael Hanlon built the Church of St Bede (financed by Frances Ellis) which was opened for public worship on Friday 27th April 1906.  One hundred years later, on Thursday 27th April 2006, the Most Revd Kevin McDonald, Archbishop of Southwark offered a Mass of Thanksgiving for our "second" centenary.  Dom Andrew Southwell OSB was the MC and several priests who had been ordained from St Bede's returned including Fr John Henry, Fr Anthony Charlton and Fr Philip de Freitas.  Fr Hugh Simon-Thwaites SJ was there along with Canon Devane, Dean and Fr Paul Mason of St Thomas' Hospital.    

Priests “Preach the Gospel in season and out of season”

St Bede’s enjoys an international variety of priests and every year we welcome them from every continent to help us here in Clapham Park.  At the moment our priests are Fr Christopher Basden, born and raised in the Middle East, Fr Przemyslaw Zgorecki, born and raised in Poland and Fr Romany Fathy Samaan Shenouda, born and raised in Egypt.  Also resident in the parish is Mgr Leo Joseph White and Fr Gabriel Diaz Patri.   

Nursing Sisters “Heal the sick …”

The Handmaids of Mary (Atkins Road) are a women’s religious congregation founded in 1851 in Madrid.  Their convent is adjacent to La Retraite High School but their ministry is exclusive to the sick.  They are night nurses for the dying and the ill and have been in England since 1912.  The current superior is Mother Isabel Sainza.

Our address is 58 Thornton Rd, London SW12 0LF.

Buses: 45 50 57 137 255 355 417 
Underground: Clapham South or Balham (Northern Line)
Trains: Balham or Streatham Hill