Saturday, 21 July 2018

16th Sunday of Ordinary Time / (Old Rite) IX Sunday after Pentecost - Last newsletter for the summmer

Sisters Retreat - 23rd July to 1st August Inclusive: 
Therefore there will be no 8.30 Convent Mass during this time.

Last Newsletter until September: This is our last newsletter until 2nd September. During August, as usual, we will have a list of Masses & Intentions displayed on the notice boards.

World Cup:  Pope Benedict once asked, “What is it that captivates millions of people about football?  It is just bread and circuses for the masses?  No, it has to be something more; it is the yearning of the human heart for our heavenly home where there will be no more deadlines, pressure and toil.”  It is also a great training for life in which we ideally learn discipline, self-mastery, excellence, fair play and freedom.  We, the spectators, are not mere outsiders but in an almost liturgical way, we are up there on the pitch totally at one with the players.  Well done footballers!

The End of an Era: In 2013 Archbishop Peter Smith told me that I had been at St Bede’s too long.  I listened politely and said nothing.  In 2017 Bishop Pat Lynch urged me to have a break and take some time out and I refused.  In 2018 the question arose again and I resisted!  However thinking about it I felt that after 24 years you could do with a newer and fresher Parish Priest!  His name is Fr Marcus Holden.  He is 41 (the exact age I was when I came in September 1994), he is Oxford educated, the co-founder of the Evangelium catechetical project; the co-founder of the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy UK and in Ramsgate he secured an English Heritage grant of £900,000 to restore St Augustine’s Abbey.  On October 3rd he will move here and I will leave and after Christmas I will go to Ramsgate.  It is a terrible and painful wretch to leave the parish I love so much but I honestly do it for your good as I am confident that Fr Marcus is well able to develop this parish in ways that are now beyond me.  Love and Prayers fr Christopher

Thank you from fr Przemek:  I am very grateful to all of you for your kindness and for being like a family to me for the past year. The shared lunch and the farewell you have given me were incredible. Thank you for a generous gift of the collection. I will keep you in my prayers.

Welcome to Fr Lukasz Szymanski: A friend of Fr PZ from Poznan who will be staying with us for a couple of weeks.

Summer Activities for Youth:  
  1. Two are going on the Faith Summer Session.
  2. Several are going with Fr Andrew Southwell to Ramsgate for the Latin Mass Summer School.
  3. If you want to go to Faith Summer Break (Mon 6th – Thurs 9th Aug) or the Altar Servers Summertime (Tues 7th – Fri 10th Aug – both being held at the magnificent Woldingham), see fr Christopher before the day is out! 
  4. Evangelium Conference: (17th – 19th August) Still time to book – go to (bookings can be found at the bottom of the home page).  Cost £120 or £95 for students & unwaged.
African & Caribbean Pilgrimage to Aylesford:  Sunday 29th July.  See poster for more information.  Cost £15 for adults and £12 for children.

Latin Mass Society's Pilgrimage to Walsingham: The annual walking pilgrimage from Ely to Walsingham takes place over the August Bank Holiday weekend.  Pilgrims meet at Ely on Thurs 23rd and, after Mass early Friday morning, start the walk to Walsingham, arriving in Walsingham on Sunday 26th.  High Mass (with deacon & subdeacon) on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (for those staying Sunday, there will also be a the Medival Slipper Chapel on Monday), proper evening meals, specially created pilgrim’s handbook with Mass text, prayers, devotions, chants and hymns for the road, lifts, minibus or coach to and from Ely & Walsingham. For more details visit

Cleaners for the Summer Period: 
  • 27/28 July: Tania Pereira, Sue Cranmer-Fitzpatrick, Natalie & Nancy Okoji; 
  • 3/4th August: Annie Nongo, Biannie Bilwala, Mamie Bazakana & Chinwe Uwalaka; 
  • 10/11th: Vicki Sabatini, Fernanda Rodrigues & Ana Paladines Palacios; 
  • 17/18th: Ellen Asafu-Agyei, Adiam Berhane & Pauline Ajuga; 
  • 24/25th: Saba Tekle, Nebiyat Zereome & Alem Araya Zemichael; 
  • 31 Aug/1 September: Yorusaliam Zekristos, Sara Tuccu, Senayit Halefom.

Pro-life Legal Challenge: It is now illegal to pray (even silently) or offer help to women in the vicinity of the Marie Stopes abortion centre in Mattock Lane. Alina (a mother whose child was saved after she accepted help from the pro-life vigil) has challenged this law. She now seeks funds in order to pursue her challenge.

London SW Catholic Young Adults is a social group for young Catholics which meet every month. For further details visit our FB page or contact Miles on 07790 441242. Our next social evening is on Saturday, 4th August from 7.30pm at The Alexandra, Wimbledon SW19 7NE.