Sunday, 23 April 2017

2nd Sunday of Easter - Divine Mercy / (Old Rite) Low Sunday

Solemn Easter Vespers - Sundays at 5pm

Divine Mercy Sunday: is a modern Devotion propagated by Blessed Faustina, a Polish Nun, who experienced revelations from our Blessed Lord. She died before the Second World War & for several decades the revelations were under investigations by the Church authorities. During the Pontificate of John Paul II, he promoted this devotion which is now spread throughout the world & is recited every day at St Bede’s after the daily Rosary. 

Fr Lukasz: is on his Easter break in Poland.  Back Thursday eve.

Next week - Special Sunday - 11am Mass: Sung by Cantores Missae, under the direction of Charles Finch.

Dates for the Future: 
  • Fri 5th: 9.30am Recollection for Ladies. 3.45pm First Friday Polish Mass. 
  • Sat 6th: 5pm Monthly prayer group (Convent). 
  • Sun 7th: 12.30pm Final Profession of Sister Edith. 
  • Sat 13th: 10am May Procession (100th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima)
  • Sun 14th: Let the Children Appeal. 
  • Tues 16th: 10am May Procession - St Bernadette. 
  • Sat 20th: 12-3pm The Laurels Spring Fete. 
  • Sun 4th: 12.30pm Memorial Mass for Canon Charles Williams. 
  • Sun 11th: 1pm FHC. 
  • Sat 24th 6pm Reunion Mass for FHC. 
  • Sun 25th 3pm Corpus Christi Procession. 
  • Fri 30th: 5-8pm Summer Fayre (St Bernadette) 

  • Sun 2nd: 12.30pm Confirmations.

The Laurels Open Event: this Thursday – 27th April.  10am to 12pm.  There will be a welcome from Mrs Sanders, followed by a presentation by the deputy head, tour of the school and question and answer session with the teaching staff.

Annual Marriage Mass at the Cathedral: If you are celebrating your 1st/10th/25th/40th/ 50th/ 60th + wedding anniversary this year, please fill in the form at the back of Church ASAP. Please write very clearly so you can receive an invitation from the Archbishop.  The deadline is 30th April.

CTS Stand: We want to make the CTS stand at St. Bede’s work for everyone so please use the catalogue attached to the stand (please do not remove it) and if there any CTS books you want ordered please put them in the CTS Request Box by the stand; include your email and/or ‘phone number so I can contact you when books arrive. 

Cleaners for this week: Pauline Ajuga & Ms Nazareth Kristos.  

Bags for the Future: 
Have you got clothes and shoes you would like to get rid of? Annually, we like to raise funds using bags to the future.  This method allows us to raise funds, reuse clothes & shoes to benefit those who rely on second hand clothes as their sole option for good quality items and finally build a sustainable future by using our resources to further the circular economy. We will be paid 40p per kg. We collect good quality adults and children’s clothing, paired shoes, hats, belts, handbags, ties and soft toys, no uniforms, duvets, pillows or cushions. You can drop your bags off this week (up to Thurs Evening) pickup will be 9am on Friday 28th.

Active Kids Vouchers: It is that time of year again when Sainsbury’s run their ‘Active Kids Voucher Scheme’.  All of our schools are collecting these vouchers so you would like to donate yours, please drop them off at the school or in the envelope at the back of Church.

Family Life Catholic Conference: 
“Fatima: The Final Battle” will take place at St George’s Cathedral next Saturday (29th April) 9am-6pm.  This year’s speakers include Fr Linus Clovis, Andy Pollard, Fr Francesco Giordano and Sebastian Morello.  To register, please visit or for more information tel: 020 8857 9950 or email

St Elisabeth Convent (Minsk, Belarus) Monastic Choir Concerts: Wednesday 3rd to Sunday 7th May at various locations within London.   There will be chants and songs and after the concert there is a special exhibit from the workshop of St Elisabeth Convent.  Please see the poster in the Porch for more information.