Sunday, 4 December 2016

2nd Sunday of Advent

Welcome to Fr Benedict Kiely: Fr Benedict was born in London and educated at St. Edmund's Canterbury. He studied for the priesthood at the Franciscan Study Centre, in the same Cathedral town and was ordained there in St. Thomas' Burgate in 1994. He has served in Peckham and Erith before going to the Diocese of Burlington, Vermont in 1999. He founded to help the persecuted Christians of the Middle East in 2014. He has visited Iraq three times and appeared on US national radio, television and print media to advocate for the persecuted. Today he is preaching an appeal on behalf of ‘Aid to the Church In Need’ which will be sent to help the persecuted Christians in Iraq and Syria at this Christmastime. Fr Benedict will return to the US in July to devote his priestly ministry to aid and advocacy for the persecuted in either New York or Washington DC.

Advent Preachers: 
  • Next week: Canon Scott Tanner, who was recently ordained for the Institute of Christ the King, Sovereign High Priest.  He is a convert, originally from Reading (where he knew Fr Simon Leworthy). He attended the international seminary in Gricigliano, in Florence.  
  • Advent 4: Fr Behruz, born in Tehran, Iran and baptised in St Abraham’s Church (where Fr CB went as a lad).  He left Iran as the Islamic revolution was about to boil over and settled down in the tranquil oasis of St Bart’s, Norbury where he attended BTG. He is presently in Paddock Wood, Kent.  
Sung Vespers & Benediction: During Advent we will have Vespers & Benediction on Sundays at 5pm.   

Bazaar Totals: As the Latin American meal will not be until next Saturday, we have not yet had the total. We have raised just under £10,000 so far.

Today - Helpers of God's Precious Infants - Streatham Vigil:  Today after the Latin Mass, a HGPI procession will leave from here and process to the BPAS abortion clinic on Leigham Court Road (approx 12.30) where a small vigil will be held. They will return to St Bede’s at approx 3pm when they will have Benediction in the Church and refreshments in club.  

Christmas Present for Family in Need: at all the Masses except perhaps Saturday 6pm (the same time as Fr Francis Lynch’s jubilee), Fr CB will talk about a family in need

St Bede's Youth Club: 6.45pm to 8.30pm Sundays in the Club

Parish Council Meeting: Tomorrow at 7.30pm. 

FHC Programme 2017: Letters will be sent out to all the applicants for the First Holy Communion. Our first Mass & meeting will be next Sunday at 9.30am. The first part of the programme with dates for classes & parents meetings up to First Confession will be handed out at this meeting.

Christmas 2016 Masses:  This year we have moved our Christmas Eve Mass times to slightly earlier.    
  • 5.30pm Carols followed by 6pm Children Mass
  • 8pm Mesa en Espanol at La Retraite Convent; 
  • 8pm Latin (Polyphonic Missa Cantata); 
  • 10.30pm Carols followed by 11pm ‘Midnight’ Mass
  • Christmas Day Masses: 8am, 9.30am & 11am Latin. No evening Mass.
The Laurels School Advent Gathering: Wednesday 14th December 7pm here at St Bede’s followed by mulled wine and mince pies at The Laurels School. All are welcome!!

Papa Stronsay Calendar 2017: available to purchase for £8 from their website:

Next week - Olivewood Carves:  Next weekend a group from Good Shepherded company in Nottingham will be coming to St Bede's to sell olive wood handcrafts made by Palestinian Christian Families in Bethlehem.  Samples of their work can be seen here: and you can also vist their facebook page

Room Needed: David Gleeson, a 26 year old from Brisbane, Australia who is a Helicopter mechanic is looking for a room to rent.  His contact details can be found on the newsletter (not shown for privacy & security reasons)

Cleaners for this week: Vicki Sabatini & Fernanda Rodrigues.