Sunday, 30 October 2016

31st Sunday of Ordinary Time (Old Rite: XXIV Sunday after Pentecost)

Bazaar & Bistro - Friday 25th 
Dinner - Saturday 26th
In just under 4 weeks …
Draw Tickets: Collect yours today!  Don't forget to return the counterfoils and money ASAP!
Donations Needed - Good Quality items only please: Bottles for the stall (& prizes), good-as-new toys, fancy goods, religious articles, homemade jams, chutneys & your homemade crafts. We need you to pull out all the stops to help make our annual bazaar a great success.  We DO NOT want electrical items, clothes or jumble, videos or books please - these go straight in our bin or skip.  Please ask yourself: "would I want to buy this in a shop?"  If the answer is no - we respectfully ask that you don't use us as your dump.  (We only have the same black bins as you do - the commercial bins do not belong to us)
Lucky Dip: If you have some nice little good-as-new toys or knick-knacks that children would love, please bring them in!
Changes this year:  As Saturdays have had a low turn-out in last few years – this year the Bazaar will be on Friday night only. Saturday will be for the Christmas Dinner in club & Latin American Bingo in the school!

November - Month of Holy Souls: On Tuesday, we will have 7 Masses for All Saints (Holy Day of Obligation) and on Wednesday we have 10 Masses (day of Devotion). Show your love for your beloved dead by remembering them on Wednesday & throughout the month dedicated to the Holy Souls. Next Sunday we will have our children’s All Saints celebration and shared lunch.  If you want your child to participate, dress them in the costume of their favourite Saint and rehearse with them a brief statement of that Saint’s importance. On Sunday 13th – Remembrance Sunday – we will have a ‘Special Sunday’ at 11am Mass when we will remember all the war dead as well as those parishioners who have died in the last year.  

Welcome to Sister Marie Antoinette: The Little Sisters of the Poor was started by St Jeanne Jugan in Brittany in 1839 when on her way home, she came across a blind lady whom she took into her home. Over the last 170 years this has been the life of each Little Sister.  In other words, they provide a “home away from home” for the elderly, assuring that they will be cared for until death. Old age is not an illness, it is part of life & this apostolate opens new horizons for the elderly in care. At the moment they have 6 residents at their home in Vauxhall who are over 100 years!! From St Bede’s in recent years Vera McGonagale, Mary Tors, Philip Clarke & currently Pauline Parkinson have found a home there.

Welcome back to our Schools: we hope all our staff & pupils have had a nice & restful half-term break.

Fr Christopher passed through on Friday on his way to Quarr Abbey – he will be back on Monday night.

Goodbye to Fr Yassa: who leaves us on Friday to return to Egypt. We will miss him. He has enjoyed his English classes and we thank Mrs Georgia Coccia and Miss Pamela Walten for coaching him privately every week. In September he went to visit York, Durham (venerating the tomb of the Venerable Bede), Glasgow, Lake District and Downside Abbey from where he saw Wells Cathedral. Pray for his elderly parents in Assyut in Upper Egypt who have not been well and pray also that Fr Romany Fathy can get a workers visa as we need him when our priests attend classes in Warsaw University.

We apologise for the long wait for some Masses: This year we have been very lucky to have so many Mass intentions – however they are outnumbering the days in the year! To date we have sufficient to fill every weekend Mass until the end of the year & some well into 2017 (9.30 in particular has so many intentions waiting - could stretch into Easter!). We thank you for your patience with us.

Open Days for 6th Form entry - September 2017CLICK HERE for details.

Cleaners for this week: Yorusaliam Zekristos, Sara Tuccu and Senayit Halefom

SPUC Candlelite Vigil: On Sat 5th November SPUC are holding a vigil outside Twickenham Abortion clinic from 6.30-7.30pm

Annual Pro-life Ball: on Sat 12th Nov at the Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington. Starts at 6pm.  Please see the attached poster or check back for more details to be posted later in the week.