Sunday, 24 July 2016

17th Sunday Ordinary Time (Old Rite: X Sunday after Pentecost)

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Last Newsletter until September: This is our last newsletter until 4th September. During August, as usual we will have a list of Masses & Intentions

Change to Latin Mass time - Monday 25th July: Tomorrow the Latin Mass will be at 12noon (instead of 7am)

End of School: Over the last week, our schools have broken up after what was the end of a long term. Our teachers & staff are all quite tired & the pupils themselves need a good break. Many of our pupils go back to Poland, Eritrea, Latin America or Africa during the summer. It gets increasingly difficult in our pressurised society to have a proper “work-life balance”. We have to fight often to achieve a balance in trying to maintain physical fitness (sport/going to the gym); intellectual awareness (reading & culture) & social life. Over & above all of this is the necessity to nourish & nurture our spiritual life. In our grossly materialistic culture, it is often the very thing which is ignored. We thank our Heads, teachers & staff for all their hard work. Have a good break!       

Summer Events:

  • WYD 2016 – KRAKOW: 25th July – 1st August
  • Faith Summer Session: 1st – 4th August
  • Faith Summer Break: 8th – 11th August
  • Altar Servers Summertime: 9th – 12th August

Sisters on Retreat: No 8.30 convent Masses until Monday 1st August.

Welcome to Deacon Julian Burling: from Wimbledon who is preaching at the morning Masses.

Fr Andrew: is off to the St Catherine’s Trust summer School in Wales today along with some of our Latin Mass Community.

Fr Christopher: is in Devon for a few days

Fr Pawel: is off to Poland tomorrow with Fr Stephen Boyle and a group of young adults including Charlie Reddin, Jean Pierre Cardenas & the Bakowski family for World Youth Day and to meet the Pope in Krakow. Afterwards he will go home to his family for his summer break and will be return to St Bede’s in September.

Fr Lukasz Haduch: returns tomorrow evening
Goodbye to Fr Julian Romero Sanchez: who leaves us on Wednesday to return to Spain and then Mexico. Mucho Gracias!

Fr Lukasz Nycz: will leave us on 19th August

Welcome to Fr Jesus Angel: Chaplain to the Madrid Police who will be arrive next weekend.

Launch of New St Bede's Youth Club in September: The meetings held over the past two weeks have shown there is definitely an appetite for a youth club on Sundays, ideally an hour and a half after the 6pm mass. We have elicited opinions from the youth and they would like to spend some time with their friends playing outdoors, playing table tennis, table football, practicing gymnastics, having a pizza night, or a movie night, perhaps a youth choir and other musical ideas. Therefore from September, we plan to run feasibility sessions on the following Sundays, after the 6pm mass: 11th, 18th 25th & 2nd October. We will be able to establish a way forward after these sessions. If you want a youth club, then join us, give us ideas, parents offer to volunteer. An initiative like this would be a winner for us all, the youth can meet in a safe environment and keep links with friends who share their faith, parents can help run this and they can also spend this time catching up. We plan to work a facilitator’s rota, to watch over the youth and to provide refreshments. If you are interested, have ideas or questions then come to our youth club on Sunday or email parish to pass onto Chris Brew Graves.   

Where are all the Red Boxes? Do you have an APF box in your home? Has it been emptied recently? So far this year, we have only had 3! So why not bring it in over the next few weekends and hand to one of the priests. Don’t forget to check that your name and address are on the label on the bottom of the box - so we can return your box to you afterwards! 

New Readers for Sunday 6pm Mass needed: starting from the next rota in September. Interested? Please give your contact details to the priests (name, address, phone number, email) to be passed on.

Church Cleaners over the summer: 

  • 29/30 Jul: Angelo Ilo, Teresa Ablett & Rita Ajuga; 
  • 5/6 Aug: Arinola Badejo, Temilade Lawal & Ngozi Otukwa; 
  • 12/13th: Yorusaliam Zekristos, Sara Tuccu, Senayit Halefom; 
  • 19/20th: Ella Shllaku, Elizabeth Vosas, Maria Eugenia Galvis & Anais Tarelho; 
  • 26/27th: Tricia & Emma Johnson, Regjina Curaj; 
  • 2/3 Sept: Tania Pereira, Sue Cranmer-Fitzpatrick.

All London Caribbean Pilgrimage to Aylesford: Sunday 31st July. Solemn Mass at 12noon and Rosary, Adoration & Benediction at 3.30pm. Chief celebrant is Bishop Patrick Lynch.  Coach leaving from Clapham – contact Lloyd Booker (8675 0607). Adults £15 – Child £12