Sunday, 20 March 2016

Palm Sunday (Old Rite: Palm Sunday / II Sunday in Passiontide)

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Stations of the Cross: 5pm Sundays in Lent

Holy Week: All of our Sacraments, like satellites around their sun, revolve around the Blessed Sacrament - the Holy Eucharist. In the Liturgy this week, this close dependence is clearly shown: the Easter Vigil is the traditional time for Baptism; on “Spy” Wednesday the Bishop consecrates the Chrism & blesses the Holy Oils which are used at Baptism, Confirmation, Ordination & the Anointing of the Sick. The Mass of the Lord’s Supper is intimately joined to Good Friday. We should all enter into the great 3 Days to understand better our own personal incorporation into Christ’s Paschal Mystery with all its implications! Don’t forget to make the most of this week of weeks. Put your blessed palm behind your crucifix as a sign of the victory of the Cross. Make every effort to come to the “Washing of the Feet” on Maundy Thursday; the “Kissing of the Cross” on Good Friday & the Solemn Easter Vigil with the fire on Holy Saturday night.  

Easter Triduum: 
  • Spy Wednesday (23rd):11.30am Mass of Chrism at St George’s Cathedral. 7pm Tenebrae.  
  • Maundy Thursday (24th): 6pm (Latin); 8pm (English); Adoration 9.30pm – 6am.
  • Good Friday (25th): 11am Children’s Stations of the Cross;3pm (English) Liturgy of Our Lord's Death5.30pm (Latin) Liturgy of Our Lord's Death8pm (Convent) Stations of the Cross & Relic 
  • Holy Saturday (26th):3pm Latin; (at the Church) 9pm English - Easter Vigil
  • Easter Sunday (27th): 8am; 9.30am; 11am (Latin); No evening English Mass6pm Misa en Espanol. 
Welcome back to Fr Andrew Southwell: He will be here until 5th April. We are very grateful to him for overseeing the intricate Traditional Holy Week ceremonies.

Mgr Leo White: has gone to New York for a month to mark his Diamond Jubilee of Ordination at the Chrism Mass in Brooklyn. Here we plan to mark it on Sunday 17th July. Save the date!!

Tenebrae - Spy Wednesday 7pm: performed by Cantores Missae. They will be singing Victoria's poignant and powerful settings of the Responsories for the Office of Tenebrae

Thank You: to Mick and Giselle Cronin for organising last weekend’s St Patrick’s night and to everyone who came along. A good night was had by all and we managed to make £800!!

Could you possibly: think of occasionally cooking Sunday lunch for your priests? I assure you we are not fussy and love most things!

Confirmation Candidates: are to be involved in this great week. On Maundy Thursday, they will sit behind the 12 Apostles & do the Offertory Procession. On Good Friday, they will sit in the front row. On Holy Saturday night, at the 9pm Vigil (the first Mass of Easter), they help with tapers to light the candles of the congregation.  

Easter Offerings: In the porch & around the sides of the Church are the envelopes for your customary offering at Easter for the resident priests Frs. CB, Lukasz and Pawel. The Easter offering – plus the one at Christmas – are the only collections that are specifically for the priests. Priests do not get salaries, and rely on the proceeds of the Christmas & Easter Offerings for their main source of income for the year. So please bear this in mind – remembering it is for 3 priests this year … and it’s a long time till Christmas! Thank you in advance for your generosity.   

The Good Friday Collection for the Holy Places: is used to maintain 74 churches & shrines associated with the life of Jesus. It also helps the work of the Church in the Holy Land & neighbouring countries by the relief of poverty & suffering. Parishes, schools, orphanages & medical centres there rely very much on assistance from the Collection, especially at this difficult time. Gift Aid Donors are asked to place their contribution in one of the spare green envelopes supplied (writing 'Holy Places' on front) thereby boosting their donation by 25% in tax relief. 

EasyfundraisingDon’t forget to use our Easyfundraising page when you are shopping online.  Your support of our parish through this and the Gift Aid scheme is greatly appreciated.   

Rehearsals for Easter Altar Servers: If you are due to serve at the following Masses please attend the rehearsals as follows:  
  • 8pm Maundy Thursday: rehearsal on Wednesday at 5pm.  
  • 3pm Good Friday: Rehearsal on Thursday 4pm 
  • 9pm Holy Saturday Mass: rehearsal Saturday at 12noon. 
New Altar Servers: The rotas are emailed and posted on Dropbox / Google Drive each month.  Please give to Fr Chris or email us:

St Catherine's Trust 
Family Retreat: 1-3 April at Ratcliffe College nr Leicester with 2 priests from Papa Stronsay. Also at the same time/venue there will be the Chant Course with Colin Mawby & Chris Hodkinson. Contact John Tennant or see  Minibus places available.
Summer School: 24-31 July - with our very own Fr Andrew Southwell.  For 11-18 year olds. Sung or High Mass, Rosary & Compline each day. Partasaph Friary, N. Wales. Minibus places available.  Contact John Tennant or see

Church Cleaners this week: Tania Pereira & Sue Cranmer-Fitzpatrick.

Active Kid Vouchers:  It is that time of year again when Sainsburys run their ‘Active Kids Voucher Scheme’.  Both of our schools are collecting these vouchers so you would like to donate yours, please drop them off at the school or in the envelope at the back of the Church.