Sunday, 3 January 2016

Epiphany of Our Lord (Old Rite: Most Holy Name of Jesus)

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Convent Mass: is now at 8.30am Monday to Saturday

Epiphany: This word refers to the twelfth day of Christmas and traditionally the Christmas festivities and decorations remain up until this date. The word Epiphany means “manifestation” in Greek. At the Nativity no one really knew about the birth of Christ. When the three wise men came “the whole of Jerusalem” knew that something had happened in Bethlehem. The visit of the Magi from beyond the confines of Judaism heralded the universality or “Catholicity” of the Church. We at St Bede’s are a marvellous example of this universality with so many different national origins. The other important meaning for us is that the feast urges us to carry the beautiful and comforting message of Christianity into the ordinary life of the people we meet!  In England we have departed from celebrating the Epiphany on the 6th but our Latin Mass community to the traditional date.

This Wednesday – Feast of the Epiphany (Old Rite): there will be Masses at 7am and 12.30pm

Christmas again! According to the Julian calendar (which lags behind our Gregorian calendar), Christmas Day is January 7th. Our Eritrean & Ethiopian parishioners (in union with the Christians in Egypt) mark this day and some will be up all night. Our Mass for them (courtesy of Fr Kidane) will be on January 10th at 12.30pm followed by a reception.

Goodbye to Fr Andrew: who returns to Rome tomorrow.
Welcome back to Fr Pawel.
Fr Lukasz: has gone back to Poland for his post-Christmas holiday.  

Congratulations to Fr Terry Creech: who celebrates 50 years of priesthood on Saturday 10th January.

First Holy Communion:: The main programme begins on Sunday 10th January at 9.30am with the First Mass and Meeting. Today there is a meeting for the people who were unable to attend the inaugural session on 20th December.

Crib Offerings:  This year, with the encouragement of Archbishop Peter, all parishes have been asked to donate crib offerings to ‘Friends of the Holy Land’. Every penny will help the poorest Christian families, especially in & around Bethlehem, the West Bank, Gaza and Israel, with education, employment, health & housing costs and initiatives. FHL is non-political and ecumenical. Therefore this year we will split the offerings made equally between Good Counsel Network (whom we have sent them to for many years) & Friends of the Holy Land.

Save the Date!: The World Youth Day is being held in Poland 24th July to 2nd August 2016 with Pope Francis. It is open to all the youth aged 18+ not to be missed! 

Church Cleaners this week: Pauline Ajuga, Rose Anunwa and Ms Nazereth Kristos. 
Please Note:  Wedding next Saturday.
The Rota for the next 6 months will go out ASAP. If you would like to become a Church cleaner please give your details the priests.

Welcome back: to our Heads, staff & pupils after the Christmas holidays. We hope you all had a restful break ready for the new term! 

Welcome to God’s Church:  Kayla Taylor Maria Palacios Salazar, daughter of Paul & Monica baptised by Fr CB and Carl Rafael Martinez, son of Gonzalo & Nieves baptised by Fr Lukasz.  Cermonies of George Marian Alvaro Tattersall, son of Piers & Karolina were supplied by Fr Lukasz.

2016 Diocesan Directories & Parish Diaries for sale: There are a few diaries still available (£1.50 each) and the Diocesan Directories cost £3 standard bound & £3.50 for the spiral bound version – these have the liturgical calendar for whole year, Mass times for every parish in the Diocese and lists of every Priest, Bishop, Deacon, School, Convent and Catholic institution within our large Diocese, and also all the statistics and guidelines. Buy one today! 

St Bede’s Social Club: Open Sundays 12pm–2.30pm and Fridays 8.30pm–11pm. Games available – Please ask at the bar. 
Union of Catholic Mothers: return on Thursday 7th January
Pray, Play & Tumble Group: Tuesdays 10.15 – 12pm. open to all babies and toddlers 0-5 years old (and their parents/carers)