Sunday, 31 May 2015

Most Holy Trinity

From May to June: The month of Our Lady tomorrow moves on to the month of the Sacred Heart.  It has been lovely to welcome the statue of Our Lady of Fatima and we are grateful to Matthias Menezes of Norbury and the Rosary Crusade for bringing it here.  Today, the last time we have May devotions is at 5pm.  Come and honour Our Lady and tomorrow we will begin to prepare for the feast of her son, Friday 12th June  (Sacred Heart). “Love of our Mother will be the breath which will kindle into a living flame the embers of virtue hidden under the ashes of your indifference.”  St Josémaria Escriva - In the Way.

Congratulations: Two children of our Latin Mass community today make their First Holy Communion: David Linton-Ford and Jayden Fletcher.  Please pray for them and their families on this very special day.  At this writing we are hoping to celebrate the occasion with a Solemn High Mass with Deacon and Sub deacon (Fr Cyril Law of Macau, China and Fr Gabriel Diaz – Patri of Argentina). 

Welcome to the Little Sisters of the Poor:  who are appealing today for a most worthy cause:  the care of the elderly which they do so professionally and compassionately.    Philip Clarke of Hydethorpe Road, Vera McGonagle and Mary Tors of the UCM are some of our parishioners whom they have cared for.  They also nursed Fr Richard Reid back to health after his stroke & cerebral haemorrhage when he was only 37.  Thanks be to God he recovered amazingly and has just recently become the parish priest of St Mary’s, Clapham.

Welcome back to Fr Markus Doppelbauer:  As Fr CB was desperate so we are very grateful for Fr Markus for returning from Vienna for 2 weeks.  Please pray for a more permanent solution.      

Bishop Richard Moth:  Last Thursday, fr CB & Maggie Keane, President of the UCM represented the parish at Arundel Cathedral.  The new Bishop who was a 24 year old Curate here at St Bede’s 33 years ago was happy to see people from his first parish.  He was a hard working, devoted & much loved priest.  Please pray for him as the job of a Bishop is never easy.  There is a joke that clergy are ordained to preach the Good News despite so often hearing only the bad news!  

Bishop's Recommendations: Last week it was lovely to welcome Bishop Pat and he wrote to say thank you and congratulations to all.  We especially thank Phyllis Cort, Katie Hunt and Mark Mosconi who helped run the Confirmation programme.
Last January when the Bishop made his visitation, he identified three challenges.  

  1. The problem of the transmission of faith and sacramental practice to young people in our materialistic society.
    Mark Mosconi wants to restart the parish youth group – we need volunteers.  A youth mission is planned (see below).  In Lent 2016, the Eurovision winner Dana has been invited to our parish and schools. 
  2. There are too many Masses at St Bede’s and only two of them enjoy a full Church.
    With great reluctance we have discussed the possibility of deleting the 12.30 Mass on Sundays. 
  3. Bridges need to be built between our many linguistic and liturgical communities.  
    Have you got an ideas how to meet the 3rd challenge? (save Bazaar)  

Youth Mission 2nd - 12th July: We have a Mission team coming from the newly founded (1980’s) congregation of the Incarnate Word.  Two Priests, 1 Deacon, 4 Nuns & 5 Seminarians are coming & we need some volunteers to give the seminarians’ Bed & Breakfast (the Priests & Nuns will stay in the Presbytery/Convent). We have had 3 offers & need just 2 more.  We also need some help with cooking for lunches in between those two dates.  Please pray every day for the fruitfulness of this Mission!  

Future Dates:- Check out the calendar for upcoming events.
Sun 7th & Sun 14th: 12.30pm First Holy Communions
Fri 19th - Sat 27th: 9 Days Prayer - St Mary's Clapham Common
Sat 27th: 6pm Reunion Mass for all the Confirmation & FHC Candidates
Sun 28th: 3pm Corpus Christi Procession
2nd - 12th: Youth Mission.

Bible Alive available in Audio Version: We have been informed by a parishioner that a charity called Galloways in Preston produces the Bible Alive in an audio version for those who have sight impaired.  It comes on 2 CDs, and is sent approximately 10 days prior to the beginning of the month.  Each day contains one reading and the mediation.  It is free of charge, however a donation is appreciated.  Tel: 01772 744 148

Church Cleaners - 5th/6th: Aster Weldemaria, Yorusaliam Zekristos & Sara Tuccu.

'Pray, Play & Tumble': Mondays 10-11.30am starting with prayer and praise in the church followed by refreshments/play time in the parish rooms and an optional session in the school soft room.  Suggested donation: £1.50 per child or sibling group.  Email: (removed for privacy - please see newsletter or notice board). If you can let Susan know you are coming but otherwise do just turn up at ten.   

Current Vacancies:
For more information on all the vacancies, please see our 'Job Opportunties' page on the sidebar.