Sunday, 29 March 2015

Palm Sunday (Old Rite: Palm Sunday/II Sunday of Passiontide)

Spy Wednesday (1st Apr) 
11.30am (St George's Cathedral) Mass of Chrism. 
7pm - 9pm Tenebrae.  
Maundy Thursday (2nd):  
6pm (Latin); 
8pm (English); 
Adoration 9.30pm – 5am.  
Good Friday (3rd): 
11am Children's Stations of the Cross  
3pm; Liturgy of Our Lord's Death 
5.30pm (Latin). Liturgy of Our Lord's Death
8pm (Convent) Stations of the Cross & Veneration of the True Cross
Holy Saturday (4th): 
7.30pm Latin (La Retraite School); Solemn Easter Vigil
8.30pm Solemn Easter Vigil. 
Easter Sunday (5th): 
9.30am; Sung 
10.45am (Latin); 
(no evening English Mass) 
6pm Misa en Espanol. 
Easter Monday (6th): (Bank Holiday)
9am Convent
10.45am Latin

Holy Week: All of our Sacraments, like satellites around their sun, revolve around the Blessed Sacrament - the Holy Eucharist.  In the Liturgy this week, this close dependence is clearly shown: the Easter Vigil is the traditional time for Baptism; on “Spy” Wednesday the Bishop consecrates the Chrism and blesses the Holy Oils which are used at Baptism, Confirmation, Ordination and the Anointing of the Sick.  The Mass of the Lord’s Supper is intimately joined to Good Friday.  We should all enter into the great Three Days to understand better our own personal incorporation into Christ’s Paschal Mystery with all its implications!  Don’t forget to make the most of this week of weeks.  Put your blessed palm behind your crucifix as a sign of the victory of the Cross.  Make every effort to come to the “Washing of the Feet” on Maundy Thursday; the “Kissing of the Cross” on Good Friday and the Solemn Easter Vigil with the fire on Holy Saturday night.  
Welcome back to Fr Andrew: he will be here until 11th April.  

Welcome to Sister Patricia: who has come from the Cameroons.

Congratulations to Bishop Richard Moth: who will be installed as the Bishop of Arundel and Brighton on 28th May.  He was assistant priest at St Bede’s 1982-1985. 

Ray Brooks sadly passed away on Wednesday morning.  His funeral will be held on Tuesday 31st March at 10.45am - St Peter’s Church, West Street, Shoreham, B43 5WG (between St John Street & Ship St). May he Rest in Peace.

Boiler: Mitie have replaced our boiler & we have heat!  They will start on the pipe work this week. 

Confirmation Candidates: are to be involved in this great week.  On Wednesday they meet at St Bede’s to go to the Mass of Chrism at Cathedral in Southwark.  On Maundy Thursday, they will sit behind the 12 Apostles & do the Offertory Procession.  On Good Friday, they will sit in the front row.  On Holy Saturday night, at the 8.30pm Vigil (the first Mass of Easter), they help with tapers to light the candles of the congregation.

Easter Offerings: In the porch & around the sides of the Church are the envelopes for your Christmas Offerings for the St Bede’s priests.  As you are aware, a priest does not get a salary as such, & relies on the Collections at Christmas & Easter, as a significant source of income.  These two collections are the only ones that are for the priests of the parish.  Please be generous as your means will allow.

The Good Friday Collection for Holy Places is used to maintain 74 churches & shrines associated with the life of Jesus.   It also helps the work of the Church in the Holy Land & neighbouring countries by the relief of poverty & suffering. Parishes, schools, orphanages & medical centres there rely very much on assistance from the Collection, especially at this difficult time.   Gift Aid Donors are asked to place their contribution in one of the spare green envelopes supplied (writing 'Holy Places' on front) thereby boosting their donation by 25% in tax relief.

New Readers Rota (April-June 2015): is available at the back of the Church as well as the names of the readers for Holy Week Masses.  Please pick up your copy today.

Happy Easter & Good Luck to Mrs Davis: We wish all our staff, pupils & parents a restful Easter break.  Mrs Davis will becoming Acting Head teacher of St Ann’s Primary School in Vauxhall after the Easter Holidays.

Welcome to God's Church: Ricardo Cozzani, son of Alessandro & Chiara baptised last Saturday by Fr Christopher

We need help! The front garden needs a makeover.  It needs digging and weeding so that it can then be planted up and made a colourful and welcoming space.  One of our parishioners has offered to lead a working party on Holy Saturday afternoon (4th April) from 2.30 to 5.30pm.  Come and join her.  All welcome; the young and strong, the not so young, keen gardeners and anyone who just wants some exercise – children included.  Bring a spade / fork / trowel if you have one.

Clergy Support Fund Campaign - Volunteers needed! The Diocese has asked that all parishes recruit 3 volunteers for a fundraising committee to help raise funds for Clergy Support Fund.  We need people who have good fundraising skills or experience and who would be able on taking on such a project.  On Saturday 9th May 10.30am, the South East Area Representative, Kenneth Atmore is organising a meeting at English Martyrs Hall in Streatham to help lead and instruct on what they would need to do get the campaign under way within our Deanery.  If you are interested in being one of our volunteers, please see Fr Christopher this weekend.  
This fund helps sick and retired priests within our Diocese.  You can find out more about the fund and why they are asking for everyone's help at the following website

Future Dates:- Check out the calendar for upcoming events.

Mass Time Changes this week: 
Holy Week Mass times listed above
Mon 6th April - Easter Monday - Bank Holiday Mass times apply - 9am Convent, 10am English and 10.45am Latin.

Church Cleaners - 4th April: Tania Pereira & Sue Cranmer-Fitzpatrick.

'Pray, Play & Tumble' returns after the Easter Holidays - Monday 13th April

Current Vacancies:
For more information on all the vacancies, please see our 'Job Opportunties' page on the sidebar.