Sunday, 22 March 2015

5th Sunday of Lent (Old Rite: Passion Sunday / I Sunday in Passiontide)

Passiontide: The statues are all veiled as we approach Holy Week.  Let us pray that we can have one last effort at our Lenten resolutions before the joy of Easter.  We prepare now to contemplate the Holy Cross and all that that means in our daily lives.  St John Vianney, the Parish Priest of Ars said, “all of our troubles come from not loving the Cross!”  There is no crown without the Cross, there is no victory without the battle; there is no dawn without the night.  We ask Our Blessed Lady of Sorrows to obtain for us the grace and courage to pick up our Cross and to win its’ promised grace!


Palm Sunday (29th) 
9.30am with Procession from St Bede’s School.  
10am Latin Mass with Procession at La Retraite.  
Spy Wednesday (1st Apr) 
11.30am Mass of Chrism at St George’s Cathedral.  
7pm Tenebrae.  
Maundy Thursday (2nd):  
6pm (Latin); 
8pm (English); 
Adoration 9.30pm – 6am.  
Good Friday (3rd): 
11am Stations of the Cross & Relic; 
5.30pm (Latin).  
Holy Saturday (4th): 
7.30pm Latin (La Retraite School); 
8.30pm English. 
Easter Sunday (5th): 
10.45am (Latin); 
(no evening English Mass) 
6pm Misa en Espanol. 
Easter Monday (6th): Bank Holiday 
9am Convent;
10.45am Latin

Sister Carol Cardenas: :  is returning to Spain to resume her studies and formation.  She will no longer be at the Mother House in Madrid but will be in Ciudad Real where Sister Miceala (professed at St Bede’s in 2005) is a member of the community.  Her family, her parish and her schools have much enjoyed this visit

Boiler: the company called Mitie are to come tomorrow to replace boiler and to reroute piping away from the corroding Victorian pipe work.     

'Pray, Play & Tumble' because of the above we cannot use the club rooms.  Please do not enter the normal way, but go instead to the church and from there you can go to soft playroom in St Bede’s school.  

Congratulations: to all those children who made their First Confession yesterday.  The second part of the FHC programme will be handed out in the meeting after 9.30am Mass.

Clergy Support Fund Campaign - Volunteers needed! The Diocese has asked that all parishes recruit 3 volunteers for a fundraising committee to help raise funds for Clergy Support Fund.  We need people who have good fundraising skills or experience and who would be able on taking on such a project.  On Saturday 9th May 10.30am, the South East Area Representative, Kenneth Atmore is organising a meeting at English Martyrs Hall in Streatham to help lead and instruct on what they would need to do get the campaign under way within our Deanery.  If you are interested in being one of our volunteers, please see Fr Christopher this weekend.  
This fund helps sick and retired priests within our Diocese.  You can find out more about the fund and why they are asking for everyone's help at the following website

We need help! The front garden needs a makeover.  It needs digging and weeding so that it can then be planted up and made a colourful and welcoming space.  One of our parishioners has offered to lead a working party on Holy Saturday afternoon (4th April) from 2.30 to 5.30pm.  Come and join her.  All welcome; the young and strong, the not so young, keen gardeners and anyone who just wants some exercise – children included.  Bring a spade / fork / trowel if you have one.

Lenten Extra Daily Mass St Bede’s has more regular Masses than many a Cathedral and most parishes. These Masses are for you, especially in Lent.  Make the most of the Bread of Life, the Word of God, some time of peace and a way to achieve the harmony of a balanced life. 

Stations of the Cross: Every Sunday during Lent at 5pm

Deanery Reconciliation Service: Sunday 22nd March 7pm at English Martyrs Church in Streatham.  If you haven’t gone to confession for Easter, there will be several priests from the Deanery will be available to hear your confession.

Future Dates:- Check out the calendar for upcoming events.

Mass Time Changes this week: 
Fri 27th: 9am Mass will be moved to 9.40 and will be for St Bede's End of Term Mass.

Church Cleaners - 27th/28th March: Tricia & Emma Johnson, Regina Curaj and Rosemary Nicholas & Family.

Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers: If you shop in Sainsbury’s, please make sure you collect the Active Kids Vouchers – and if you are not supporting any particular school, St Bede’s & St Bernadette Schools are collecting them.  They can be dropped into the School Office or through the letterbox of the Presbytery. Thank you in advance for your support.

Current Vacancies:
For more information on all the vacancies, please see our 'Job Opportunties' page on the sidebar.