Sunday, 8 March 2015

3rd Sunday of Lent

First Profession of Sister Carol: Yesterday, 7th March at 12 noon, Sister Carol Cardenas (originally from our parish and a former student at La Retraite) made her first Profession and received her black veil in place of the novice’s white veil. She will also receive the Medallion which our sisters wear on their chest.  Receiving the vows is the Mother Provincial representing the Religious congregation of the Handmaids of Mary (Siervas de Maria).  Sister takes the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience and in six years or so she will make her final Profession, receive the ring and sign the written version of her vows.  Representing St Bede’s (in the presence of one of the Bishops of Madrid) was Mgr Leo White and Fr Christopher Basden.  It was Mgr Leo who started the Mass in Spanish on Saturday nights and Carol’s parents were loyal supporters from the beginning.  We rejoice to have this vocation from our parish.  In the old days there were many girls from St Bede’s who entered religious life especially the Sisters of La Retraite.  We are so graced to have our Sisters in the parish.  They are a great presence and their nursing apostolate is a real witness! 

Welcome to Fr Michael Creech C.Ss.R: He was born in Wandsworth and brought up in Clapham.  In 1952 he entered the Redemptorists and in 1958 he was ordained to the priesthood at St Mary’s, Clapham and has spent 25 of his 56 years as a priest there.  He has always had strong links with St Bede’s, including serving at the La Retraite Chapel on special occasions when he was a boy and he was a great help to Fr Dinan in his last years here.  He helped out at St Bede’s until 1996 when he became PP at St Mary’s and has been come back several times to be our ‘Preacher and Confessor’ during Lent and Advent.  Fr Michael is so kind and friendly so take this opportunity to make a good confession for Lent. 

Lenten Extra Daily Mass St Bede’s has more regular Masses than many a Cathedral and most parishes. These Masses are for you, especially in Lent.  Make the most of the Bread of Life, the Word of God, some time of peace and a way to achieve the harmony of a balanced life. 

Stations of the Cross: Every Sunday during Lent at 5pm

Lenten Preachers: Upcoming Preachers are:
  • 15th Mar – Fr Stephen Morrison O.Praem (Chelmsford).
St Patrick's Nite - Saturday 21st March: Make a real effort to support this happy event.  It is a real intermission in the middle of Lent and always a lot of fun.  Bookings available from Mick & Giselle at 9.30 Mass or phone number removed for privacy.  Let’s see a real response to this lovely event which has been so successful in previous years.

'Pray, Play & Tumble' on Monday mornings!  0-5s bring your mums, dads, relatives, carers and friends.   The social rooms are open for conveniences and pram parking from 9.30am - 9.55am.  We begin in church at 10am.  Do join us.  

Future Dates:- Check out the calendar for upcoming events.

Mass Time Changes this week: 
no planned changes at time of posting this blog.

African & Caribbean Meeting today after the 9.30am Mass.

Church Cleaners - 13th/14th March: Ella Shllaku, Elizabeth Vosas, Maria Eugenia Galvis and Anais Tarelho

Welcome to God's Church: Timothy Richard Anthony Windsor, son of Tom & Verena Windsor and Louis Kitt Alabaster, son of James & Caoimhe baptised recently by Fr Christopher.

Sainsburys Active Kids Vouchers: If you shop in Sainsbury’s, please make sure you collect the Active Kids Vouchers – and if you are not supporting any particular school, St Bede’s & St Bernadette Schools are collecting them.  They can be dropped into the School Office or through the letterbox of the Presbytery. Thank you in advance for your support.

Chartres Pilgrimage: The 22nd British Pilgrimage leaves London on Fri 22nd May at 1.30pm and arrives back on Tues 26th May at 4.40pm.  As it is half-term and there is a lack of space available on the ferry, we will travel by Eurostar this year and stay in a hotel in Paris before travelling by coach to Notre Dame on the Saturday.  Due to these changes, it has been necessary to increase the cost to £275 pp (children under 12 - £140).  The registration form (back of Church) should be completed and returned with a deposit of £50 pp to reserve your place.  Payment in full by 25th Mar – early booking is advised!   

General Election 2015: The Bishops have written a joint letter to all Catholics in England and Wales encouraging us to participate and vote in the election and offering some key issues and questions for reflection on where candidates stand.  Copies will be available on Sunday 1st March and can be obtained with other information, at that time, from the Bishops’ Conference website Please read the letter and encourage others to do the same.

Message from SPUC: It is essential that we elect people to Parliament who will vote to protect unborn children and their mothers from the horror of abortion; who will uphold the right to conscientious objection to abortion in the health professions; who will vote to spare the elderly and the vunerable from the threat of being killed by assisted suicide and who will vote to maintain parents’ rights to withdraw their children from damaging sex education lessons in schools.  Please ask for a copy of SPUC’s general election handbook. Call Paul Tully or Katherine Hampton on 020 7091 7091 or contact

Current Vacancies:
For more information on all the vacancies, please see our 'Job Opportunties' page on the sidebar.  

The Laurels School - vacancies for Head of Science and Director of Music starting in September 2015.

Coloma Convent Girls School - vacancy for Geography teacher starting in September 2015 or earlier.

Bishop Challoner School - vacancy for Religious Studies teacher to cover maternity leave starting September 2015 or possible earlier.

Catholic Parliamentary & Public Policy Interships: Now in its 12th year, this scheme will provide 8 recently graduated Catholics with an intensive experience of political and social action in a spiritual context.