Sunday, 1 February 2015

4th Sunday OT (Old Rite: 4th Sunday after Epiphany)

Goodbye & God Bless to Fr Simon: Fr Simon Leworthy is leaving St Bede’s tomorrow to work in the Middlesbrough Diocese in the East Riding of Yorkshire.  As he was born in Halifax, in some sense, he is returning to his roots.  Fr Simon came here from Reading in September 2012 and replaced Fr Andrew Southwell as Chaplain to the Latin Mass Community.  Last year he was Administrator of the parish during the sabbatical of Fr CB.  We are all very grateful to him for his time here and today in the club just after 12noon we will have a little presentation and a shared lunch in the social club, all are welcome.  For the next few months, Fr Simon is going to live at St Gabriel’s in Ormesby and will also be responsible for Church in Thorntree called Corpus Christi.  God bless!

Heat Problems: Last week the heat in the Presbytery suddenly disappeared.  Rubbish had blocked the water tank.  This week the heat in the Church has gone and the men from ‘Mitie’ think the water is leaking under the Church.  Please pray to St Anthony etc that the leak(s) can be found.  

Fr Bodgan Buksa: rang from Capetown to wish everyone well as did Fr Jose Ramon of Huesca.

Thank you to Bishop Pat Lynch for Parish Visitation: I am afraid we exhausted His Lordship with the 3 day intensive programme from dawn to dusk.  Many thanks to Revd Mother and the Sisters for letting him stay at the Convent for 3 nights.  We all discussed the many gifts of our parish and the huge changes which have affected this part of London in the last generation.  Challenges for the future include: 
  1. Trying to better succeed in transmitting the faith and its sacramental practice to the next generation. All parishes and schools in England face the sad fact that the majority of young Catholics do not practise. 
  2. Trying to maintain the bridges between different language groups and different Mass groups in the parish. 
  3. We have too many Masses which are not full.  The Bishop advises us to think about cutting one or two. Which ones?
Suggestions and ideas are very welcome.

Welcome to Fr Michael Rowe: from Perth, Australia

Fr Lukasz: is in Tours visiting his sister.

Message from Anthony Ozimic: “Dear friends,  As you may know, whilst on holiday in Szczecin (Poland), I was hospitalised from 3 January to 20 January due to bacterial meningitis. I am now recuperating at my parents-in-law's home and hope to return to the UK early next month. I have some secondary issues and residual weakness but God willing I should be fine. Heartfelt thanks to all those who have offered prayers and support for me. God bless, Anthony”

Bible Study: On Friday nights until 27th February 7-8.30pm, 58A Thornton Road (little house next to club entrance), a group will meet up to read and discuss Revelation. Contact Katie Hunt

Future Dates:- Check out the calendar for upcoming events.
Tues 10th: 9.30 Federation Mass for St Bede's & St Bernadette's
Thurs 12th: 9.30 Federation Mass for St Bede's & St Bernadette's
Sat 14th: 4.30pm Confirmation Programme Starts
Mon 16 - Fri 20th: Half Term for our schools
Wed 18th: Ash Wednesday - compulsory trip for Confirmation group
Sat 7th: Profession of Sister Carol Cardenas in Madrid

Mass Time Changes this week: 
Mon 2nd: There will be an additional Latin Mass at 12.30pm with the Blessing of Candles.
Tues 3rd: There will be blessing of the throats after the morning Masses

Mothers & Toddlers Group:  Cancelled due to work taking place in the school soft play room and obligations of Katie.  This may start up again in the future - if you are interested in taking over this club - please see fr Christopher.

Church Cleaners - 6th/7th February: Saba Tekle, Nebiyat Zereome & Alem Araya Zemichael

Current Vacancies:
For more information on all the vacancies, please see our 'Job Opportunties' page on the sidebar.  

The Laurels School - vacancies for Head of Science and Director of Music starting in September 2015.

Catholic Parliamentary & Public Policy Interships: Now in its 12th year, this scheme will provide 8 recently graduated Catholics with an intensive experience of political and social action in a spiritual context.

The Laurels School Seminar - Family Meals: Wednesday 4th February 7.15pm.  Admission is free for PACT parents & £5 for non-PACT parents.  Please RSVP by phone or email 

Urgent Appeal from Good Counsel Network:  Every year at Good Counsel we spend thousands of pounds reaching out to Mums who are set on abortion, and we see many women change their mind and keep their children. We then provide any ongoing support that they really need.  But once in a while we end up with an extra bill. Last week our old boiler finally gave up and stopped working all together, for the last two years it had limped on heating the offices, Chapel and counselling rooms, while making quite a lot of funny noises. So this week we will need to pay £3,600 for a complete overhaul of the heating system including two new boilers. It is not possible to run the building without heat, we cannot expect the Mothers we sit here counselling to sit here in freezing conditions. Anything you can donate at this time would be a great help, you can send a cheque to; The Guild of Our Lady of Good Counsel, PO Box 46679, London, NW9 8ZT or you can donate online;

Ordinariate in bid to buy former Methodist Church: If the Ordinariate - former Anglicans now in full communion with the Catholic Church - is to thrive in the way that Pope Benedict intended when he established it, its groups up and down the country need their own churches to set up as centres of worship and to further the evangelising mission of the whole Catholic Church. An opportunity has now arisen for the Ordinariate’s Torbay Mission to buy a redundant Methodist church in Torquay, Devon. The local Methodist community is keen to sell it to the Ordinariate so that the Christian flame is kept alight there. But to secure its purchase, the Ordinariate needs urgently to raise £150,000; otherwise the church will have to be put on the open market. If the appeal succeeds, it will be the first church the Ordinariate has bought.  Please support this exciting venture with your prayers and by making a donation if you can. The Ordinariate makes a great contribution to the life of the Catholic Church. Further info can be found here or by emailing the leader of the Torbay Ordinariate, Fr David Lashbrooke:

Faith Talks: All are welcome to our series of talks on 'The Church and other beliefs' on selected Tuesdays at 7:30pm (next talk is on 10th Feb entitled Are all religions equally valid? by Anna-Marie Treloar). Talks are held in the basement of 24 Golden Square, W1F 9JR (Tube: Piccadilly Circus). For more details