Sunday, 20 July 2014

16th Sunday OT (Old Rite: VI Sunday after Pentecost)

Summertime: A great silence has descended on the whole parish and neighbourhood because our four schools have all broken up!  When we used to go on summer holidays from Wonersh Seminary the Rector would remind us that there is “no holiday from the Spiritual life”.  Therefore make every effort to go to Mass wherever your travels take you.  Last week in the USA I was in two different hotels and at two relatives and was able to get to Mass every day.  If you need any help with the address of Churches and times of Mass in the British Isles, you can always consult the internet or the Catholic directory in the parish office.  If you have a break, and I hope you do, make sure that you give some time to your interior life.  Nothing gives us more refreshment than that!      Fr Christopher B

Goodbye to Sebastian Wierzbicki: who is off to Poland early Tuesday morning for his summer holidays.  Please pray for him as he is our special seminarian who has been coming here to St Bede’s for the last year.

August Events for Youth: 

  1. Evangelium Conference: the seventh annual Evangelium weekend residential conference on the theme of explaining the Catholic faith in the modern world - for young Catholics 18-35. Friday 1st to Sunday 3rd - Oratory School near Reading 
  2. FAITH Summer Session: A 5-day residential Catholic conference for 16-35 year olds.
    Monday 4th to Friday 8th - Woldingham School in Surrey. 
  3. FAITH Summer Break: A fun-filled few days for 11-15 year olds.
    Monday 11th to Thursday 14th - 
    Woldingham School
  4. Servers Summertime: especially for Altar Servers.
    Tuesday 12th to Friday 15th - Woldingham School in Surrey. 
  5. Youth 2000: Primarily for 16-30s, anyone up to 35 is welcome.  There is also a separate camping field for families too!
    Thursday 21st to Monday 25th - Walsingham.

Altar Servers: We are going to start emailing or posting the rotas on Google Drive in future to help reduce costs within the parish.  There is a sheet in the Sacristy – please provide your email address and indicate whether you will be away during August.

All London Caribbean Pilgrimage to Aylesford: Sunday 3rd August.  Costs are £15 for adults & £12 for children.  Please see Lloyd Booker regarding the coach and more information. 

Future Dates:- Check out the calendar for upcoming events.

Fri 15th: Feast of the Assumption - Masses at 7am (Latin), 8am (Convent), 9.30am, 12.30pm (Latin) and 8pm.

Mass Time Changes this week: 
Wed 23rd  - Tues 5th Aug:  No 8am Convent Mass whilst nuns are on retreat.
Fri 1st August: No First Friday Devotions
Sundays in August: No 12.30pm Mass

Church Cleaners - 25th/26th July: Vicki Sabatini & Fernanda Rodrigues

GK Chesterton Pilgrimage: The 4th Annual London to Beaconsfield pilgrimage is on Wednesday 30th July.  For details, phone or text 07795 205 114 or see their website:

Accommodation Needed for a Latin American family:  see fr CB for their contact details 

Current Vacancies:
For more information on all the vacancies, please see our 'Job Opportunties' page on the sidebar.