Sunday, 8 December 2013

2nd Sunday of Advent (Old Rite: Immaculate Conception of the BVM)

From the Archbishop's Pastoral Letter:  Christ, the light of the world, stands at the door of our hearts every day.  As St Ambrose put it in one of his sermons, “Let your door be open to him when he comes, open your soul, throw open your inmost mind … Blessed therefore, is that man at whose door Christ knocks.  Our door is faith, which if strong, fortifies the whole house.  It is through this door that Christ comes in.”  That door can only be opened from inside and he waits patiently for us to open it and welcome him in.  But too often we are so taken up with our daily cares and concerns that we either fail to hear the knock, or are simply too busy to answer it.  We need to make time this Advent to listen and respond to that gentle knocking.

Parish Council Meeting: Tomorrow (9th Dec) 7.30pm 
Welcome to Fr John Hemer: who is our Second Advent Preacher.  Born and raised in Liverpool 1957, he studied for the priesthood in the Netherlands and in London; and was ordained a priest for the Mill Hill fathers in 1983. Fr Hemer has worked as a missionary in Pakistan, Kenya and Uganda. He studied at the Pontifical Biblical Institute in Rome between 1992 and 1996 for a Licentiate in sacred scripture, and spent ten years teaching at the missionary Institute London. Fr Hemer is now on the staff at Allen Hall, in Chelsea, and is also a part time lecturer in Scripture at Oscott College, (occasionally at Wonersh and Heythrop too).  He gives retreats and has lectured in some 35 parishes in Westminster diocese and in 14 other dioceses all over the UK and Ireland as well as in Italy, Holland, Austria, Kenya, Uganda, USA, Pakistan, and Norway.

Welcome to Frs Peter Gee and David Standley: Fr Gee will be our preacher for the evening Masses and Fr Standley who will be here for the 8am Mass.

Advent Preachers: This year’s preachers will be:
3rd Sunday (Gaudete Sunday): Canon Anthony Charlton (old boy of St Bede’s and St Bernadette’s; ordained here in 1975.  Now the Parish Priest of Tolworth assisted by our own Fr Tom Lynch!)
4th Sunday: Fr David Gibbons, Director of the Catholic Centre for Formation in Tooting Bec.
Christmas: Fr Andrew Southwell will be back with us for a couple of weeks.

FUTURE DATES:- Check out the calendar for upcoming events.

Fri 13th: The 9am Mass will be a School Leavers Mass for The Laurels.
Fri 20th: No 9am Mass in Church.  There will be Mass at 9.30 at St Bernadette's School.

Church Cleaners Rota (13th/14th): Ella Shllaku, Elizabeth Vosas, Maria Eugenia Galvis & Anais Tarelho.

Vacanies at Coloma Convent Girls School - for a Part-time Maths Teacher and a Domestic Assistant .  For more information, see our 'Job Opportunties' page on the sidebar.