Sunday, 1 December 2013

1st Sunday of Advent

Thank you for the Bazaar: A huge effort has been made by so many of you.  Thank you for all your hard work.  Bishop Patrick Lynch often says that he is so impressed by the unique Bazaar at St Bede’s!  So much work goes on behind the scenes.  Men doing all the labour, cake making, scores of chefs and at the heart of it all the UCM beavering away for weeks before.  We are grateful to Harman Ross for conducting the whole process and today we should have an estimated amount of profit made.  Many of us are weary but a big thanks to all.

Grand Draw today: One of the largest components of the Bazaar profit comes from the Grand Draw, admirably overseen by Raymond and Caroline Casey.  Today at 1.30 in the club we have the Grand Draw when the winning tickets will be revealed.  I hope it is you!
Advent Preacher: Fr CB it is before his sabbatical (back for Epiphany).

Advent: You and I live in time and space.  When we die our souls move into an eternal dimension.  Our Blessed Lord quotes the Old Testament and says “Eye has not seen nor ear heard nor has it entered into the heart of man the glories the Lord has prepared for those who love him.”  We are all like babes in the womb with no understanding of eternity.  However Advent is a season which Mother Church uses to remind us, her children, to make the most of the time we have.  The Saints, especially Francis of Assisi have exulted in the marvellous beauty of creation – the space in which we now live.  Advent warns us to use our hearts to perceive the graces which come to us in time.  2013 years ago our Lord was born; some time in the future he will come again. Open your heart and perceive his advent in all the circumstances of our lives!

Exposition for Pro-Life Cause: On Thursday 5th December from 5pm to 8pm, there will be Benediction at 7.45pm followed by the usual 8pm Mass and UCM meeting.  This will replace the First Friday Devotions for December.

Bags2TheFuture: Thank you for all your donations of clothes, we managed to collect 648kg, which equates to £324.  Well done & thanks to Christine Brew-Graves for organising this.

Advent Preachers: This year’s preachers will be:
Next Week: Fr John Hemer, Mill Hill Missionary (Fr Peter Gee at the evening Masses and Fr David Standley at 8am)
3rd Sunday (Gaudete Sunday): Canon Anthony Charlton (old boy of St Bede’s and St Bernadette’s; ordained here in 1975.  Now the Parish Priest of Tolworth assisted by our own Fr Tom Lynch!)
4th Sunday: Fr David Gibbons, Director of the Catholic Centre for Formation in Tooting Bec.
Christmas: Fr Andrew Southwell, Angelicum University, Rome

FUTURE DATES:- Check out the calendar for upcoming events.

Fri 6th: No 9am Mass.  At 1pm we have the Requiem of Margaret Legg.
Fri 13th: The 9am Mass will be a School Leavers Mass for The Laurels.
Fri 20th: No 9am Mass in Church.  There will be Mass at 9.30 at St Bernadette's School.

Church Cleaners Rota (6th/7th): Aster Weldermariam, Yorusaliam Zekristos & Sara Tuccu.

Life in Christ: Saturday 7th Dec, Amigo Hall, Southwark 2 – 4pm.  Refreshments followed by a Taster Session with Speaker input.  For more info about Life in Christ:

National Day of Prayer and Fasting: On Saturday 7th Dec, please pray & fast for the end of Abortion and euthanasia.  You can pray a rosary (or an extra one) and fast on bread & water, or offer whatever you can.  For more info see the Good Counsel website or the poster at the back of Church.