Sunday, 27 January 2013

3rd Sunday OT (Old Rite: Septuagesima Sunday)

SAME SEX MARRIAGE ACT NOW: Our political leaders are determined to force through legislation to permit “same sex marriages” next Monday.  As Christians we are called to love everybody with compassion and to be inclusive in our vision.  However nature itself demonstrates that marriage (which is for the propagation and rearing of children) is between male and female.  After the coming of the Lord Jesus this natural and universal covenant has been raised to the dignity of a Holy Sacrament.  We have been warned that schools and churches will not be able to be free to teach the above.  If a church does not take part in same sex marriages we can suffer for it.  Many in the homosexual community are not pushing for this legislation as they feel they have their full civil rights already.  Our politically correct leaders want to advance their own stature by pushing this through.  At the last minute our Bishops have asked us to send these postcards to our MP – I will bring them to him myself.  With the snow and low attendance we can only pray for a miracle to save us from future interference in living and teaching our faith as we always have.

CONFIRMATION 2013: Bishop Pat Lynch will come 12th May.  If you haven’t already done so, please pick up a purple form from Fr CB this weekend.  Deadline for this year’s enrolment will be soon.

FR CHRISTOPHER EHIDIAMHEN: is in Nigeria conducting a wedding.  He will be back with us on Friday.

CREDO GROUP: starts this Friday (1st Feb) at 6.30pm, Exposition & Confessions 7.15– 7.30pm, followed by First Friday Devotions.

‘YoF’ EVENT” – FAITH AND THE INTERNET: Saturday 2nd February 11am – 4pm at Centre for Catholic Formation (CCF), Tooting Bec (opposite station) A one day session led by Deacon Paul Milligan on using the internet as a resource and as a means of communicating the faith.  No charge, but please book with the CCF. Tel 8672 7684;

FUTURE DATES: Check out the calendar for upcoming events 
‘Year of Faith’ events – see blog calendar, or
Fri 1st – 6.30pm Credo Group followed by First Friday Devotions.

Monday 28th - No 9am Mass.  Mass will be at St Bernadette's school at 9.30am

CHURCH CLEANERS ROTA – 1st/2nd Feb: Saba Tekle, Nebiyat Zereome & Alem Araya Zemichael.

NEW CATHOLIC SCHOOL FOR GIRLS – THE LAURELS: a new secondary school for girls providing a Catholic education is opening in Clapham in September 2013.  The school is being set up by PACT, a highly successful education trust with a strong track record in this area.  The Headmistress is holding an information evening on Friday 8th February at 7pm at The Blue Room, Oliver House, Nightingale Lane (just past Clapham South station). Please R.S.V.P or tel: 020 8772 1911.  For more information about the school, please visit their website.

SOUTHWARK ARCHDIOCESAN YEAR OF FAITH PILGRIMAGE: 22nd - 30th April 2013 -  please see previous postings for more information.

VACANCIES: We now have a page dedicated to job vacancies on the side bar of our blog .  Current vacancies include: Head of RE; Librarian (St Thomas the Apostle school); Schools Office (AoS); Teaching posts (Jesuit Missions) & Parliamentary & Policy Internships.

ACCOMODATION NEEDED: Mature Catholic lady professional is looking for a room within walking distance of Clapham South Tube station to commence early May 2013 for 15 months.  Please see Fr CB for contact details.