Sunday, 2 December 2012

Advent I

ADVENT: You and I live in time and space.  When we die our souls move into an eternal dimension.  Our Blessed Lord quotes the Old Testament and says “Eye has not seen nor ear heard nor has it entered into the heart of man the glories the Lord has prepared for those who love him.”  We are all like babes in the womb with no understanding of eternity.  However Advent is a season which Mother Church uses to remind us, her children, to make the most of the time we have.  The Saints, especially Francis of Assisi have exulted in the marvellous beauty of creation – the space in which we now live.  Advent warns us to use our hearts to perceive the graces which come to us in time.  2012 years ago our Lord was born; some time in the future he will come again someone told me the other day that people on the web are going crazy – saying the second coming and the end of the world will be next week – 12.12.12 maybe so but we are told we know “not the day nor the hour”.  Instead open your heart and perceive his advent in all the circumstances of our lives!

FR JAMES HURLEY: Welcome to Fr Hurley who is our first Advent preacher.  He grew up in the next door parish of Corpus Christi in Brixton Hill, and trained for the priesthood at St Joseph’s Junior Seminary in Mark Cross from 1957 – 1962 before moving to St John Seminary, Wonersh from 1962 – 1968.  He was ordained at Corpus Christi in July 1968 by Archbishop Cowderoy.  He has served in several parishes with the Diocese of Southwark and in the administration of the Southwark Catholic Children/s Society for a number of years with Bishop Tripp and the Archdiocesan Marriage Tribunal.  He is currently the Chaplain to The Visitation Nuns – an enclosed order at Waldron in East Sussex as well as the Episcopal Vicar for the Religious Communities (both male and female) in the Archdiocese, in which he provides spiritual support and encouragement for these 111 communities which keeps him very busy and on the road a lot!   Don’t forget to go to Confession as he will be available for all of us this weekend.

ADVENT PREACHERS: next week Fr David Standley is coming – not long retired from St Vincent de Paul, Clapham Common.  The week after Fr Marcus Holden from Ramsgate is expected and finally we are very proud that Deacon Tom Lynch (he is to be ordained on Saturday 15th) is returning home to St Bede’s to preach on the weekend of 22nd & 23rd.  For the Christmas Masses we have a preacher from Rome – someone you know … Fr Andrew Southwell!  

SIMONE JOHNSON RIP: At 9.30 Mass today we welcome the Johnson family and the Cave family as we pray for Simone and offer the Mass for her.  All of us are shocked and saddened by this tragedy and want to offer Paul and the children all our prayers and any practical help they need.  We are very happy to welcome our Head teachers who have guided us all through this very difficult time. 

FUTURE DATES: ‘Year of Faith’ events – see blog calendar, or

BAZAAR GRAND DRAW TODAY: at 1.30pm in the club.  
FIRST FRIDAY DEVOTIONS: this week (7th Dec) at 7.30pm
ENROLLMENT IN THE BROWN SCAPULAR: Following the 9am Mass of the Immaculate Conception next Saturday (8th Dec).  You will need to bring your own scapular to be blessed.
Fri 14th - 7.30pm Performance of Gospel of St Mark - CANCELLED 

no changes at time of printing/posting

GOODBYE TO CLOTAIRE & MANUELLA BUNKETI: who have moved to Rochester with their three daughters Hillary, Lorraine and Chloe from Hayes Court, New Park Road.  We are very grateful to Clotaire for being a foundation governor at our Infant School for many years.  We will miss you all and may God bless you!

CHURCH CLEANERS ROTA – 7th/8th Dec: Ella Shllaku, Elizabeth Vosas, Maria Eugenia Galvis & Anais Tarelho

ALTAR SERVERS: Copies of the December rota will be in the sacristy if you haven’t got yours. 

WELCOME INTO GOD’S CHURCH: Jason William Abreu Vieira son of Joao & Catia baptised by Fr Christopher Basden last Saturday.
THE PILGRIMAGE OF THE RELICS OF DON BOSCO: is a unique opportunity encouraging us to celebrate youth spirituality in the UK.  The Relics will journey across the UK and provide the opportunity for people to come together in celebration of Don Bosco, Patron Saint of Young People.  We are hoping that this Pilgrimage will be a further opportunity to celebrate the great energy, enthusiasm and hope which young people bring to the church community and which has been given expression through the Papal Visit and other events in recent years..  Events in London will be held in January - Friday 11th/Saturday 12th - Metropolitan Cathedral of the Most Precious Blood, Westminster & Sunday 13th/Monday 14th at St George’s Cathedral, Southwark.  For more information visit or pick up a flyer.

SOUTHWARK ARCHDIOCESAN YEAR OF FAITH PILGRIMAGE: for more information see item in 16th September's posting. Contact Gill Didino ( or Fr David Gibbons – 0208 672 7684