Sunday, 23 December 2012

Advent IV / Nativity of OLJC

HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL - both  to parishioners who keep this place going throughout the year and to our visitors near and far!  A big thanks to all who work hard to prepare St Bede’s for Christmas – our flower arrangers, our Church cleaners, our brass cleaners, our choir and musicians.  Special thanks to all those who do the rotas and to those who read and serve.    I hope all of you have a profound celebration of the real meaning of Christmas and a happy reunion with family and friends afterwards.  Then especially to you Mums have a good rest on Boxing day!  

DEACON TOM LYNCH: has been a server here with his brother John for many years.  Last Saturday he was ordained a Deacon and in July, please God, he will be ordained a priest.  This weekend he will be preaching at the Masses and, as Deacons cannot hear confessions, the rest of us will go into the box after or during the different Masses.  

WELCOME BACK FR ANDREW: our Christmas preacher on Monday night & Tuesday morning especially imported from Rome!

NEW YEARS EVE: 10.30pm Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament; 11.30pm Confessions & Solemn Te Deum and Benediction followed by Sung Midnight Mass.

‘Year of Faith’ events – see blog calendar, or
Fri 4th - 7.30pm First Friday Devotions
Wed 9th (every Wed to 20th March) - 7.30pm School of Faith - CCF, Tooting Bec
Thurs 10th - 7pm Ordinariate Epiphany Carol Service - St Mary's, Cadogan Street
Fri 11th / Sat 12th - The Pilgrimage of the Relics of Don Bosco - Metropolitan Cathedral of the Most Precious Blood, Westminster.
Sun 13th/Mon 14th - The Pilgrimage of the Relics of Don Bosco - St George's Cathedral, Southwark.

Mon 24th - Christmas Vigil Masses: 6.30pm; 9pm (Convent) Misa en Espanol; 9pm (Latin); 11.30pm Carols; Midnight Mass.
Tues 25th - Christmas Day Masses: 8am, 9.30am, 10.45am (Latin) and 12.30pm
Wed 26th - Boxing Day: Bank Holiday Mass times 9am (Convent); 10am & 10.45am (Latin)

YEAR OF FAITH EVENT - SCHOOL OF FAITH: A new study course on the Catechism of the Catholic Church for the Year of Faith.  Join in from January on Wednesday evenings for a light supper, to hear expert and dynamic well-known speakers – (different one each week) and to join in small group discussions.  Each session includes a light buffet supper, refreshments, study notes, the keynote lecture and concludes with the Compline. The cost is £50 for the full 12-week course or you can attend individual sessions at £8 per session (payable at the door on the night).  There will also be a Saturday session on 23rd March which is in two parts (session 1 – 10am; session 2 - 2pm).  To book your place, complete the online registration at; Tel: 020 8672 7684/2422 or email  Fr CB is to go from 16th January.  For more information, see poster at back of church.

CHURCH CLEANERS ROTA – 28th/29th Dec: (Baptism at 12pm Saturday) Tania Pereira, Sue Cranmer-Fitzpatrick and the John Family (New Rota available on table in porch - collect yours this weekend & a copy will now be pinned to notice board for future reference)

NEW READERS ROTAS: for January to March 2013 available in porch now.  

2013 DIOCESAN DIRECTORIES ON SALE IN PORCH: £3.50 Spiral bound.  £3 standard bound.  Inside Liturgical calendar for whole year, Mass times for every parish, list of every Priest, Bishop, Deacon, School, Convent and Catholic institution.  Buy one today!  PARISH DIARIES also available.

MARY’S CHRISTMAS DREAM: I had a dream Joseph.  I don’t understand it, not really, but I think it was about a birthday celebration for our Son.  I think it was about that, the people had been preparing for it for weeks and weeks.  They had decorated their homes and bought new clothes.  They had gone shopping many times and bought elaborate gifts.  It was peculiar, though, because the gifts weren’t for our Son.  They wrapped them in beautiful paper tied them with lovely bows and stacked them under a tree.  Yes, a tree Joseph, right inside their house.  They’d decorated the tree also.  The branches were full of glowing balls and sparkling ornaments.  There was a figure at the top of the tree.  It looked like an angel.  Oh it was beautiful.  Everyone was laughing and happy.  They were all excited about the gifts.  They gave the gifts to each other Joseph, not to our Son.  I don’t think they even knew Him.  They never mentioned His name.  Doesn’t it seem odd for people to go to all that trouble to celebrate someone’s birthday if they don’t know Him? I had the strangest feeling, that if our Son had gone to this celebration, he would have been intruding.  Everything was so beautiful, Joseph and everyone so happy, but it made me want to cry.  How sad for Jesus – not to be wanted at His own birthday party.  I’m glad it was only a dream.  How terrible Joseph if it has been real!  (Author unknown)