Sunday, 25 November 2012

OLJ Christ the King (Old Rite: 24th & Last Sunday after Pentecost)

BAZAAR – NEXT WEEKEND 30th/1st DEC:  There is only one weekend left before our annual Bazaar, (which pays for This is your last chance to really help your parish meet its huge target of £13,500!  There are many raffle tickets which have never come back; please can you chase them up.  We still need bottles for the most popular of stalls.  We have very few good-as-new toys and we are still looking for good-as-new jewellery, good quality paperback books, fancy goods and groceries.  Home made jams are always welcome.  (No jumble, videos or encyclopaedias) Please support the Bazaar and help us with one or two of the following…
CAKES: The cake list is waiting for your name!  Any type of cake is welcome.
BISTRO MENU: Please take a bistro menu and bring it back with your booking by Wednesday.
BAZAAR DINNER: There are still a few places left.  Please book now with £25.
DRAW TICKETS: Have you brought back your sold tickets?   Please bring in as soon as possible! 
“HEAVIES”: we are looking for strong men and boys to set up the club on Thursday evening (29th) 7.30pm prompt – please add your name to list

BIBLE PROGRAMME – LAST ONE: Today at 7pm in the social club.  Regular participants – don’t forget to fill in your evaluation forms and bring them on the day.
ADVENT PREACHERS 2012: We look forward to inviting the following to St Bede’s to be our Advent preachers this year… 1) Fr James Hurley.  2) Fr David Standley. 3) Fr Marcus Holden.  4) Deacon Thomas Lynch.  
GOSPEL OF ST MARK – BY BRENDAN SOMERS: Brendan Somers, an actor who is married to the niece of Fr Hugh Thwaites is coming to St Bede’s to perform his “Gospel of St Mark” on Friday 14th December at 7.30pm.  This is for the Year of Faith.  Please see poster.

FR CHRISTOPHER EHIDIAMHEN: is away on the Holy Land Pilgrimage with Fr Adrian from SS Simon & Jude, Streatham Hill – back Wednesday God willing. 
GOODBYE TO FR ROMANY FATHY: who leaves us on Friday.  
‘Year of Faith’ events – see blog calendar, or
Mon 26th - 12.30pm Requiem - Elizabeth Barrand and Laurence Crossan
Fri 30th & Sat 1st Dec – St Bede’s Christmas Bazaar
Sun 2nd - 9.30am Mass for Simone Johnson RIP
Fri 7th - 7.30pm First Friday Devotions
Fri 14th - 7.30pm Gospel of St Mark - performance by Brendan Somers

Mon 26th - There will be a Requiem for Elizabeth Barrand & Laurence Crossan of Poynders Gardens at 12.30pm. 
Thurs 29th - No 8pm Mass or UCM due to Christmas Bazaar setting up.

WELL DONE TO THE LATIN AMERICAN COMMUNITY: who raised £1400 at their recent bingo night, going towards our bazaar total.  Their Christmas Supper was held last night (24th) so hopefully we will have a total to report on next week's newsletter.

BAGS 2 THE FUTURE: Thank you to everyone who donated to the recent Bags 2 the future collection, we were able to raise £228.50 towards this year’s bazaar total. 

CHURCH CLEANERS & ALTAR SERVERS: Do we have your correct address?  Are you missing your latest rota?  If so, please give us your new address (write it down clearly please).  Altar Servers Rota for December will be done on Monday and the Cleaners rota will be going out mid-December.

CHURCH CLEANERS ROTA – 30th Nov/1st Dec: Aster Weldemaria, Yorusaliam Zekristos and Sara Tuccu.

THE PILGRIMAGE OF THE RELICS OF DON BOSCO: is a unique opportunity encouraging us to celebrate youth spirituality in the UK.  The Relics will journey across the UK and provide the opportunity for people to come together in celebration of Don Bosco, Patron Saint of Young People.  We are hoping that this Pilgrimage will be a further opportunity to celebrate the great energy, enthusiasm and hope which young people bring to the church community and which has been given expression through the Papal Visit and other events in recent years..  Events in London will be held in January - Friday 11th/Saturday 12th - Metropolitan Cathedral of the Most Precious Blood, Westminster & Sunday 13th/Monday 14th at St George’s Cathedral, Southwark.  For more information visit or pick up a flyer.

SOUTHWARK ARCHDIOCESAN YEAR OF FAITH PILGRIMAGE: for more information see item in 16th September's posting.