Sunday, 29 July 2012

August Masses

No 12.15 / 12.30 Mass on Sundays during August.
No 8am convent Mass - Mon 30th July to Wed 8th Aug inclusive

Mass Times & Intentions for August...

17th Sunday (Old Rite: 9th Sunday after Pentecost)
Sun 29th - 8am In thanksgiving to St Anthony (Johnson).  9.30am Charlotte Adams (Townsend).  10.45am (Latin) Jenny & Juan's wedding anniversary (Adonai). 12.15pm Peter May RIP (Brew-Graves).  6pm For the people of the parish
Mon 30th - 7am (Latin) Judson Jones RIP.  9am Serge Camille RIP (Madeleine)
Tues 31st - 7am (Latin) Jean Sheehan (Micallef).  9am In thanks to St Anthony (Jeffers)
Wed 1st Aug -  7am (Latin) St Pio da Pietrelcina.  9am George & Olrick Camille
Thurs 2nd - 7am (Latin) John Bruen Worthington RIP.  9am Giorgio Coppo (2nd anniversary).  12.30pm (Latin) Aniela Lubienska RIP (Malakowska).
Fri 3rd -  7am (Latin) Special Intentions of Madeleine.  9am Jade Camille (Marie)
Sat 4th - 9am (Latin) Intentions of Anthony Ozimic.  6pm Louis Saldanha RIP 7pm Misa en Espanol

18th Sunday (Old Rite: 10th Sunday after Pentecost)
Sun 5th - 8am For the People.  9.30am Desmond Kelly.  10.45am (Latin) Tony Hogan RIP (10th anniversary).  6pm Peter May RIP (Corcoran)
Mon 6th - 7am (Latin) Health of Colin Jones.  9am Giorgio Coppo RIP (2nd anniversary)
Tues 7th - 7am (Latin) Andrew Moore RIP (Reilly).  9am John Brylowski RIP
Wed 8th - 7am (Latin) Intentions of Marcello Family.  9am Tommy Keating RIP (King)
Thurs 9th - 7am (Latin) Priest's Intentions.  8am (convent) Priest’s Intentions. 9am Anna Doyle RIP.  12.30pm (Latin) Health of Colin Jones.
Fri 10th - 7am (Latin)  In thanksgiving (Png).  8am (convent) Priest’s Intentions.  9am Peter, Thomas, Gerard & Michael Conway RIP
Sat 11th - 8am (convent) Priest’s Intentions.  9am (Latin) Priest's Intentions. 6pm Bridie Smyth RIP. 7pm Misa en Espanol.

19th Sunday (Old Rite: 11th Sunday after Pentecost)
Sun 12th - 8am For the People.  9.30am Nula Bonney (Weir).  10.45am (Latin) Peter May RIP.  6pm Marlene Phillipowsky RIP (Townsend)
Mon 13th - 7am (Latin) Intentions of Alfredo Schubert (60th birthday).  8am (convent) Sister Refugio Lopez.  9am Peggy & Mario La (Marie)
Tues 14th - 7am (Latin) Special Intentions / St Anthony.  8am (convent) Maria Nicholas RIP (Jones). 9am Priest’s Intentions
Wed 15th (Feast of the Assumption of our BVM - Holy day of obligation) - 7am (Latin) Priest’s Intentions.  8am (convent) Thanksgiving for the congregation.  9.30am John Grossmith George RIP/Intentions of Margaret (Pierson).  12.30pm (Latin) Lucia Mosconi RIP.  8pm John Thompson (fCB)
Thurs 16th - 7am (Latin) Priest's Intentions.  8am (convent) Peter May RIP (Howie). 9am Noreen Loonam RIP 11th anniversary (Horan).  12.30pm (Latin) John Francis Conway (Samuel).
Fri 17th - 7am (Latin) Priest’s Intentions.   8am (convent) Maria Nicholas RIP (Jones).  9am Asuncion Lanpez Souto - 5th anniversary (Liste)
Sat 18th - 8am (convent) Rev Mother Alfonsa Bellido.  9am (Latin) Lucia D'Annessa (Juliani). 6pm Joseph O'Flynn RIP 7pm Misa en Espanol.

20th Sunday (Old Rite: 12th Sunday after Pentecost)
Sun 19th - 8am Bernadette Chui Yew Cheong (Chang).  9.30am John Keegan RIP. 10.45am (Latin) Richard Gibbons RIP.  6pm For the people of the parish.
Mon 20th - 7am (Latin) Anna Doyle RIP.  8am (convent) Helen Olesenski RIP.  9am John McNicholas RIP (Maloney)
Tues 21st - 7am (Latin) Jane Weir (Barnett).  8am (convent) Sisters Relatives: alive & deceased.  9am Morgan O'Flaherty (anniversary)
Wed 22nd - 7am (Latin) Health of Colin Jones.  8am (convent) Kathleen Fallon RIP.  9am Our Lady of Carmen (Liste).  
Thurs 23rd - 7am (Latin) Judson Jones RIP.  8am (convent) Intentions of Rev Mother Rosa Puerta. 9am Pat Griffin RIP.  12.30pm (Latin) Priest’s Intentions.
Fri 24th -  7am (Latin)  Philippe Favier RIP - anniversary (Bennett).  8am (convent) Intentions of Mother General.  9am Mick Leahy - 7th anniversary. 
Sat 25th - 8am (convent) Intentions of Regina Curaj.  9am (Latin) Priest’s Intentions. 10am Helen Cassidy RIP (La Retraite Sisters) 6pm Patrick & May Doogan RIP. 7pm Misa en Espanol.

21st Sunday (Old Rite: 13th Sunday after Pentecost)
Sun 26th - 8am For the people.  9.30am Thanksgiving to the people of the parish (May). 10.45am (Latin) Magdalena Ozimic’s Intentions. 6pm Godfrey Tyler (Malakowska).
Mon 27th (Bank Holiday) – 8am Priest’s Intention.  9am (convent) June Rose Gregory RIP. 10am Don Nolan RIP. 10.45am (Latin) Intentions of Emeka Obih (Obi)
Tues 28th - 7am (Latin) In thanksgiving (Png).  8am (convent) Maria Nicholas RIP (Jones).  9am Michael Atkinson RIP (9th Anniversary 17/08)
Wed 29th - 7am (Latin) Intentions of Emeka Obih (Obi).  8am (convent) Priest’s Intentions.  9am Michael Loftus RIP (Pierson).  
Thurs 30th - 7am (Latin) Osmund Harold Hoar RIP (Worthington).  8am (convent) Priest’s Intentions. 9am Tim Leahy RIP.  12.30pm (Latin) Priest’s Intentions.
Fri 31st - 7am (Latin) Private Intentions (Png).  8am (convent) Mary McCullagh RIP (1st Anniversary 24/08).  9am George & Ismen Camille. 
Sat 1st Sept - 8am (convent) Trevor Jones RIP.  9am (Latin) Priest’s Intentions. 10am In honour of St Joseph (Liste) 6pm Bridie Smyth RIP (O’Flynn). 7pm Misa en Espanol.
Sun 2nd Sept - 8am For the people.  9.30am John, Joan & Vincent Fitzgerald RIP (O’Sullivan). 10.45am (Latin) Tony & Jim Hogan RIP.  12.15pm Peter May RIP (Franklin).  6pm Mary & Ralph Martino RIP (Corcoran)