Sunday, 24 June 2012

Nativity of John the Baptist

SUMMER FAYRE THIS FRIDAY - 29th JUNE:  This Friday from 5-8pm we have our annual Summer Fayre.  I do appeal to all of you to come and support this effort which is to help our two schools (St Bede's Infant & Nursery and St Bernadette's Junior).  We pray for good weather and St Joseph will most definitely be put out on the balcony!  We certainly have to thank him for last weekend's beautiful weather!  The Summer Fayre will have many stalls, all on St Bede's playground, behind the Church.  It will be a feast day (29th June is the feast of SS. Peter & Paul) so we do not need to observe Friday abstinence from meat thankfully as there will be some wonderful barbeques and international foods!  There will be things to do and fun for all ages and our schools certainly need your support and attendance!  Since last year we have entered into a "soft federation" so that means that we work together and share together more than ever before.  Come on Friday and at 8pm we conclude with Mass for the feast!

CONGRATULATIONS: to all those who made their First Holy Communion yesterday. They were:
1. Katty Baez Villalva.  2. Joshua Banal.   3. Maria-Isabel Campos Vara.  4. Steven Carrillo Mullo  5. Sean Da Cunha   6. Tiago Fernandes   7. Brian Garzon.   8. Amara Harker.   9. Lewis Johnson.   10. Juan Moreno Canas   11.  Natalie Okoji   12. Ama Petti-Aidoo.   13. Marie Ponce Nacato.  14. Paula Ponce Nacato.  15. Stephanie Ramalhete Luna.  16. Melina Restrepo.  17. Mateo Rivera Pilozo.  18. Mickael Varela. 
There is a reunion Mass next Saturday at 6pm for all the FHC and Confirmation families.  Then they will all lead the Corpus Christi Procession the following day (Sunday July 1st) at 3pm.

APPEAL ON BEHALF OF LAMBETH POLICE.  There is a bank card scam circulating the borough at present where the perpetrators are targeting the vulnerable and elderly trying to obtain pin numbers.  PLEASE DO NOT GIVE YOUR PIN NUMBER TO ANYONE – your bank will never ask for it!  If you get a call from someone asking for your PIN, hang up.  If someone knocks at your door asking for your PIN or credit/debit card shut your door and call the police.

THANK YOU TO ALL WHO SUPPORTED THE NUNS CENTENARY.  More photos can be found in the photo album on the side.  If you have any photos of the day (either Church or at the reception) please forward them onto us.

FUTURE DATES: Check out the calendar for upcoming events
JULY:  Sun 1st – 3pm Corpus Christi Procession. 
Tues 3rd – 12.30pm Jubilee Lunch - £3 envelope with name. 

Friday 30th - Feast of SS. Peter and Paul.  9am Mass is moved to 9.30am and there will be additional Masses at 11am, 12.30pm (Latin) and 8pm 

A DAY WITH MARY:  A day of instruction, devotion & intercession, based on the message given at Fatima in 1917.  Holy Ghost, Balham – 14th July (10am – 5.15pm) or Our Lady & St Peter, Wimbledon Common - 28th July (9.45am – 5pm).  Please see posters at back of church for more information

CHURCH CLEANERS ROTA 29th/30th JUNE: Tania Pereira, John Family & Sue Cranmer-Fitzpatrick (Baptism at 12pm)