Sunday, 15 April 2012

2nd Sunday of Easter (Divine Mercy Sunday) (Old Rite: Low Sunday)

REGINA CAELI (Easter Anthem to Our Lady)
Regina Caeli Laetare Alleluia!
Quia quem meruisti portare Alleluia!
Resurrexit Sicut dixit Alleluia!
Ora pro nobis Deum Alleluia!

O Queen of Heaven, rejoice Alleluia!
For he whom you did merit to bear Alleluia!
Has risen as he said Alleluia!
Pray for us to God Alleluia!
(V. Rejoice and be glad O Virgin Mary Alleluia)
(R. For the Lord has risen indeed Alleluia)

DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY is a modern Devotion propagated by Blessed Faustina, a Polish Nun, who experienced revelations from our Blessed Lord. She died before the Second World War & for several decades the revelations were under investigations by the Church authorities. During the Pontificate of John Paul II, he promoted this devotion which is now spread throughout the world and is recited every day at St Bede's after the daily Rosary. This feast meant so much to Pope John Paul; he was beautified on this day last year and in fact died on the eve of this feast in 2005. Fr Marek will be preaching today on the Divine Mercy.

SPECIAL SUNDAY TODAY: At 10.45 Mass, the setting will be Victoria's Missa Quarti toni.
FR ANDREW is away this weekend in Reading on the St Catherine's Trust Family Retreat.
WELCOME TO FR ANTHONY LOGAN who will be covering the Tradition Rite Masses this weekend.
FR CHRISTOPHER BASDEN is in Naples and will be back later this week.

THANK YOU TO THE "12 APOSTLES" who had their feet washed here on Maundy Thursday. They were 1. Axel RIVERA (Ecuador) 2. Angel NOBLES (Ecuador) 3. Peter LI (Mauritius) 4. Ludovic PIMENTA (France) 5. Angelo PAGLIARDI (Italy) 6. Odima URAIAH (Nigeria) 7. Shazad JOHN (Pakistan) 8. Alex NIM (China) 9. Brendan McCORMACK (Canada) 10. Andy FERNANDO (Sri Lanka) 11. Anjelo NTEGE (Uganda) 12. Fernando SANTOS (Portugal). Two of you forgot to take your presents!

FUTURE DATES: See calendar for upcoming events
Monday 30th - 7pm Parish Council Meeting

BINGO (for adults) Friday 20th April 7.30-10pm in the social club. Kate Peacock & Paula Whelan have kindly offered to run another Bingo night for us with great prizes to be won. Money raised will go towards Organ Fund. Come along and have some fun.

WELCOME. This last week we welcomed the Scouts of Riaumont with their chaplain Fr Francois. They always welcomed us en-route to Chatres Pentecost Pilgrimage.

AFRICAN & CARIBBEAN ASSOCIATION - meeting today after 9.30am Mass. Upcoming Masses will be on 13th May, 8th July and the Annual Thanksgiving Mass will be held on 14th October.

BIBLE PROGRAMME: continues on Sunday 29th April in the social club. Please read the Gospel according to Luke before the session. New participants are always welcome.

CONGRATULATIONS TO RAY & BUNTY BROOKS who celebrate their 60th Wedding anniversary on Thursday 19th April. They were married here at St Bede's Church.

NEW GIFT AID ENVELOPES will be available next week from our Gift Aid Co-Ordinator Maria Chang.

CHURCH CLEANERS' ROTA : 20th/21st APRIL: Ellen Asafu-Agyei, Moji Balogum and Adiam Berhane.