Sunday, 1 April 2012

Palm Sunday

HOLY WEEK: All of our Sacraments, like satellites around their sun, revolve around the Blessed Sacrament; the Holy Eucharist. In this week's Liturgy the close dependence is clearly shown: the Easter Vigil is the traditional time for Baptism; on Maundy Thursday (or in this Diocese "Spy Wednesday") the Bishop consecrates the Chrism and blesses the Holy Oils which are used at Baptism, Confirmation, Ordination and the Anointing of the Sick. The Mass of the Lord's Supper is intimately joined to Good Friday. We should all enter into the great Three Days to understand better our own personal incorporation into Christ's Paschal Mystery with all its implications! Don't forget to make the most of this week of weeks. Put your blessed palm behind your crucifix as a sign of the victory of the Cross. Make every effort to come to the "Washing of the Feet" on Maundy Thursday evening; the "Kissing of the Cross" on Good Friday and the Solemn Easter Vigil with the fire on Holy Saturday night. There are loads of opportunities for Confessions so make sure you go before Easter!

WELCOME TO THE LITTLE SISTERS OF THE POOR: who here this weekend to sell tickets for their summer fair, which will be ... These Sisters have been looking after the elderly for 150 years & have convents all over the world, including Meadow Road near the Oval.

DIFFERENCES IN SCHEDULE THIS YEAR: Tenebrae - Wednesday 4th 7pm - 9.15pm. Spanish Mass for Easter will be Sunday evening at 7.30pm (no 6pm English)

EASTER TRIDIUM MASS TIMES: Maundy Thursday: 6pm Latin. 8pm English followed by Watching all night at the Altar of Repose. 11pm Meditation on the Passion. 11.45pm Compline/Night Prayer of the Church. Good Friday: 11am Children’s Stations of the Cross. 3pm Latin (La Retraite School Chapel). 3pm (St Bede’s Church). 8pm Stations of the Cross & Relic. Holy Saturday: 7.30pm Latin (La Retraite School Chapel) 8.30pm English (St Bede’s Church). Easter Sunday: All morning masses as normal. No 6pm evening Mass.

WELCOME BR JOHN MARY JESUS (ASHFIELD) who was ordained last summer and is serving in Utercht in the Netherlands. He was an altar server of Fr CB 20 years ago in Maidstone. He will be here on Saturday night.

WELCOME BISHOP PATRICK LYNCH who is doing the Spanish language Mass for the Saturday vigil of Palm Sunday

FUTURE DATES: See calendar for upcoming events

AFRICAN & CARIBBEAN MASSES. 12.15pm on 13th May, 8th July and 14th October.

THE GOOD FRIDAY COLLECTION FOR THE HOLY PLACES is used to maintain 74 Churches and shrines associated with the life of Jesus. It also helps the work of the Church in the Holy Land and neighbouring countries by the relief of poverty and suffering. Parishes, schools, orphanages and medical centres they rely very much on assistance from the Collection, especially at this difficult time. Gift Aid Donors are asked to place their contributions in one of the spare white envelopes supplied (writing 'Holy Places' on front) , thereby boosting their donation by an additional 25% tax relief.

LAST SUNDAY: whilst parents were in the club, children from the morning Mass climbed over fences into the school & nursery playgrounds and uprooted all the flowers and scattered the bicycles all over the place. We kindly ask - parents, please monitor your children and their whereabouts.


BEAVERS: (6-7yrs) 6-7pm (St Bede's). CUBS: (8-9yrs) 7.15-8.45pm (St Bede's). SCOUTS: (10-14yrs) 7-9pm (St Bernadette's). EXPLORERS: (14-18yrs) Saturday 3-5pm (St Bernadette's)