Sunday, 12 February 2012

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Old Rite: Sexagesima Sunday)

Is visiting from Shkoder in Albania where he is teaching in the Seminary and running two churches which eventually will become a parish. Aside from Moldavia, Albania is the poorest country in Europe. Perhaps nowhere else was the communist persecution of religion so cruel. There are many Martyrs from that time up until twenty years ago. Since then the country has made huge strides to catch up with the rest of the world. However there is much unemployment and lack of opportunity. The church ministers in the areas of education and healthcare as well as running parishes. The Catholics are only about 1 0% of the population (like us in the UK). Orthodox and Muslims are in the majority. Please respond generously to this appeal which will help many desperate needs.

begins today with Mass at 12.15pm and trip to London on tomorrow, the first day of Half-Term.


At 10.45 next Sunday (19th Feb), the
professional choir will sing the "Missa Simile est Regum" by Victoria and the Motets will both by Lassus


Today: Fr Martin Thompson visits from Albania
12.15 - Inaugural Mass for Confirmation candidates
Mon 13th - Fri 17th Half Term for schools
Mon 13th - Confirmation trip to London. 9am Clapham South.
Tues 14th -Altar Servers football. Be here at 2pm with kit!
Fri 1-th- 9.30am Requiem of Teresa Tomiak RIP
Sat 18th - Bazaar "Mardi Gras" party Spm
Sun 19th- UCM Tabl~top sale in aid ofSPUC 10.30- 12.30
Special Sunday 10.45 Mass - professional choir
Wed 22nd - Ash Wednesday