Sunday, 1 January 2012

Octave of Christmas


It is unbelievable that it is 2012 already and today we traditionally make a New Year's resolution. We are so blessed in so many ways in our parish. We have 3 wonderful schools and lovely parishioners from every corner of the globe. We have had the most successful Bazaar ever and we pray that Tom Lynch before this year is out will be ordained a Deacon. We pray that Carol Cardenas will begin her Novitiate and receive the white veil at her Clothing. Let us give thanks for all of our blessings and remember those whose lives are full of tribulations especially the Christians and all the people in Syria. We pray for prophets of Peace to work hard in this New Year and we pray that we may bear fruit and grow in holiness while we still have the opportunity of time. On behalf of all the priests I wish each and every one of you a good and productive New Year.

Fr Christopher B.

NEW YEARS MASS: Yesterday night Fr Andrew offered the Midnight Mass to see in the New Year 2012.

NEXT WEEK 12.15 ERITREAN CELEBRATION. We celebrate Christmas on 25th December but according to the old Julian calendar (which we gave up over 200 years ago) Christmas day is on 7th January. The Eritreans along with the Ethiopians, Armenians and the Copts all keep this day. Every year our Eritreans come together here for the 12.15

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION: don't forget to do some work in your special books during the holidays. Our next Mass and class will be Sunday 15th January.

CONFIRMATION 2012: Applications are welcome from anyone who has not been confirmed and you must be in Year 8 at least. Pick up a purple form today as applications will close after New Year. The Bishop will come on May 6th.

CONGRATULATIONS TO LATIN AMERICANS: the supper raised £1,000 net so that puts the total Bazaar total at just over £13,000! This is the target we have never before attained as it is almost the exact amount we have to pay the Diocese annually for the Diocesan Development Fund most of which goes for school development and maintenance.

FR JOSE TICUA ROJAS: is to say his last Mass here on Saturday evening in Spanish for the Latin American community. The next morning (Sunday &h) he leaves early to resume his studies at the Opus Dei University in Rome.

NEW READERS ROTA: available for Jan- Mar 2012.

AFRICAN & CARIBBEAN ASSOCIATION: Next meeting will be Sunday 8th after 9.30am Mass

CHURCH CLEANERS' ROTA: 6th/"th Jan: Vicki Sabatini & Fernanda Rodrigues

FUNNY NEWSLETTER MISTAKES: The eight-graders will be presenting Shakespeare's Hamlet in the Church basement Friday 7pm. The congregation is invited to attend this tragedy.

OUR WEBSITE: still waiting for comments / suggestions.

WELCOME INTO GOD'S CHURCH: Michael James Whelan-Murphy, adopted son of Patrick & Michelle (6 now!) and Nico Edwin Cicatelli of Cavendish Road, first child of Pierluis & Elizabeth, baptised by (Uncle) Fr Robert Copsey.

ST BEDE'S SOCIAL CLUB: Sunday 12noon-2.30pm: Friday 8.30pm- 11pm. Games available - ask at bar.