Sunday, 22 January 2012

3rd Sunday In Ordinary Time

Every year we have this week of prayer for unity amongst Christians which ends this Wednesday 25th January, the feast of the Conversion of St Paul. It is a scandal to have acrimony between followers of the Lord, despite serious differences in worship and belief. We have to work together in an increasingly hostile, secular & anti-life environment. In our parish area we have an active Anglican parish comprising two churches and a strong Evangelical presence at the Bonneville Church of All Nations. The oldest church building in our area is the Baptist church on New Park Road. We are very proud of our connections with the Eritrean and Ethiopian Orthodox churches. Many pupils in our schools are Orthodox, including the children of Fr. Yohannes of St Michael's, Vauxhall. "Father, that they may all be one!"

CONFIRMATION 2012: Applications are welcome from anyone who has not been confirmed and you must be in Year 8 at least. Pick up a purple form today as applications will close very soon. The Bishop will come on 6th May.

BIBLE PROGRAMME: continues on Sunday 29th January in the social club at 7pm. Please read the Book of Ezra and Nehemiah before the session. New participants are always welcomed. 

MASS OFFERINGS NEEDED: especially for convent and weekday masses - these will be quickly said!

REPORT FROM EGYPT: Fr Christopher was able to give the money from our last October family fast collection to Fr Romany Fathy (Sohag Diocese) and to Fr Athanasius Aziz (Assyut Diocese). The former knocked their church down three weeks ago immediately after Sunday Mass and started rebuilding so that there was a shell in which to worship the following Sunday! In this window of opportunity since the revolution of last year which ousted President Mubarak after 30 years, building a church quickly makes sense. The Muslim brotherhood is set to be the leaders in the new elections and Christians obviously are anxious about the future. All last year in the demonstrations in Their Square in Cairo there were remarkably wonderful acts of solidarity between Muslim and Christian. We must pray that these may bear fruit for a better future. We are thankful that St Bede's can help these remarkable people in Upper Egypt in a little way. We hope that the two priests can visit us later in the year.

FR ROBERT COPSEY: has left us and will soon take up residence in Hythe as he has left Presteigne in Wales. We thank him very much for his time among us.
CHURCH CLEANERS' ROTA 27th / 28th Jan: Caroline Marris, Margaret Corcoran & Michelle Murphy
Sun 10th: Fr Martin Thompson visits from Albania
Mon 13th - Fri 17th: Half Term for schools
Wed 22nd- Ash Wednesday

BAZAAR TOTAL is now over £13,000 and soon we will have our celebratory reception to congratulate all of you hard workers!
OUR WEBSITE: still waiting for comments & suggestions.

ST BEDE'S SOCIAL CLUB: Sunday 12noon-2.30pm: Friday 8.30pm- 11pm. Games available -ask at bar.

YOUTH CLUB: Any volunteers- help run one Sunday p/mth